Winters Module 4

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Winters Middle School Feb. 11, 2015
Module 4 - Creating a Digital Collaborative Classroom

Objectives: Teachers will

  • become familiar with digital classrooms.
  • think of alternatives to paper and think of ways to go paperless.
  • create a collaborative environment for students.

Using Edmodo and Google Forms to Create a Collaborative Classroom



Handouts / resource

Introduction to the collaborative digital classroom _Moving into the Future

          Changes in the Desktop

Discuss with shoulder buddy how this video relates to your own workspace at home/school and your students workspace at home/school

Report out from members of the group.

Evolution of the desk

Hands On Activities for the Collaborative Classroom

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence:

[email protected]

DePaul Teaching Commons: Collaborative Learning Activities

An Introduction to the Edmodo Classroom

Sharing how a teacher at Winters uses Edmodo/Illuminate

Gina Johnson

Google Forms:A new best friend

Click on the link to the right and take the survey

Coffee Slam

A fun form

Tutorials on the web that are current and good

Google Forms 2014 Tutorial  12 minutes

Google Forms – Google Drive’s Hidden Gem 13 minutes

Magic Moment


Other interesting Wordle like resources

Tagxedo will make specific shapes out of your word lists -- like a US map


10 Really Good Site to Create Word Clouds  to/


What did I learn today

What do I need in the future

Do feedback for presenters


NEW RESOURCE for collaborating with parents -- Quick word about Skype Translate


Creating a Positive Classroom Environment -- short inspirational video

Unfamiliar with Edmodo-Some videos to watch


Edmodo in the middle school:


20 ways to use Edmodo:

Next steps:

  • Complete the digital classroom environment or add more components

  • Create/revise a new lesson where it is most appropriate using the digital classroom environment and reflect on the lesson’s outcome and student responses


Follow-up suggestions for Edmodo:

  • Teachers look at the Edmodo communities and join one or two.

  • Teachers engage parents in the Edmodo environment.

  • Teachers create quizzes in Edmodo.

Next meeting --  March 4  Module 7  Digital Citizenship


Module 4: Creating a Collaborative Classroom



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