Winters Module 2

Module 2 - Parent Engagement Agenda
Winters Middle School - Nov. 5, 2014 1:30 - 3:00 p.m

One of the key components of the School2Home Program is the emphasis on a strong parent-school collaboration
Objectives: Teachers will

  • be familiar with the School2Home parent training components.
  • understand the importance of parent involvement in student academic achievement.
  • learn to use various technology resources.
  • review websites created for home use and parent involvement in student’s academic work




Module 2 Opening Activity: Brief Introduction of new faculty members and presenters

Parents and School Achievement 

Video Activity: Pair-share

A. Discuss with partner:

  • What is the current parent involvement at this school?

  • In your classroom?

  • What would you add to the video in terms of framing/additional information for use with parents

B. Share with the entire group

Teachers that lead parent workshops share a bit (if they did not do so during the pair-share “share-out”)


YES Prep Cultivates Parent Engagement

Connections Guide Investigation: Jigsaw Home-to-School Connections Guide

A.  Teachers break into 5 groups and read a section, check out the links to the related resources.

B.  Each group adds summaries to their section of the collaborative Google doc.

TIPS Activity:  Explore TIPS Website


Edutopia’s Home-School Connections Guide*

TIPS website


*see Files link at bottom of page

Investigation of educational home activities: In departmental groups, explore the at the community/home resources for Parent Engagement.

As a department, create a plan to use the resources.

Discovery Parent:

Figure This!  Family Corner



Teacher Presentation Activity:

Focus on Common Core to share with parents and how it relates to their own content area.

Option: Free choice of a topic you want to share with parents

PTO article for improved parent involvement

Magic Moment: Google Translate



Next Action Steps:

  • Share the Presentation created in this workshop with another teacher.

  • Teachers incorporate one activity using one of the family resources in the next 2 weeks.


Follow-Up suggestions:

  • Additional discussion time on using the educational resources and TIPS by departments.

  • Creation of suggested communication activities to engage parents, as a department, or as a school.

  • More PD on using the school site website for parent engagement.

  • In preparation for module 4, the Collaborative Classroom

  • Art Resources

Globalization and Cultural Viewpoints of Symbols

Collaborative Art Resources for Education

Nice list of Web Resources for Art Education with lots of good samples

Inkscape - a free drawing program that is robust but not a simple program to learn

Tuxpaint  -  free simpler drawing program for kids.
The Louvre:
National Gallery of Art:
Art Project: Google Cultural Museum:

  • PE Resources

PE Apps, Mobile Resource for PE teachers by Jarrod Robinson A copy is in the files section of this page.

Great list of PE Resources, free download from iTunes, but many of the apps are not free.

The PE Geek

A PE Technology Blog type of site, does a great job of curating apps but again many are not free.

A nice example of how to incorporate higher order thinking skills and creativity in PE is the It’s a Mystery lesson plan on this site.

S2H PE Teacher Resources Named in several Best of PE Resources Lists

100 Best Web Resources for Physical Education Not all of these sites directly pertain to school PE but a very good place to start.  



February 11 is the NEXT PD - at 1:30 p.m.



Winters M2-S2H Parent Engagement

Edutopia Home-to-School Guide

PE Apps Ebook



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