West Oakland Module 8

Module 8 - Daily School2Home Activities

West Oakland Middle School, May 20, 2015

Objectives: Teachers will:

  • Think differently about their classroom and instructional activities.
  • Choose a few 1-to-1 strategies that they find useful to their teaching style.
  • Understand TPACK taxonomies and choose a few learning activities that they find useful in their teaching style.
  • Use visualization to conceive future outcomes.



Handouts & resources

WELCOME and Celebration


Activity: Introduction to TPACK taxonomies for diversity of classroom instructional activities

1. Watch the TPACK introductory video

2. Visit the TPACK taxonomies website and explore your particular content area

What is TPACK?

:47 to  5:20

All nine TPACK taxonomies

Activity: The TPACK Game

You will play two rounds of the TPACK Game. In the first round, participants consider how Technology (T), Pedagogy (P), and Content (C) work together by first randomly choosing slips from the C and P cups, and thinking deeply to find the technology that makes them all work together in a pedagogically sound way to teach the content. In the second round, participants draw slips from all three cups and discuss how the lesson would go.


Activity: Writing FUTURE stories.

  1. Pretend it’s a year from now, and your 1:1 program has been in place all that time. You have overcome challenges and have been delighted and amazed at the ways your students have excelled in their studies. Write a story about the year--perhaps a diary entry, or an article for the local newspaper talking about the challenges you have overcome and the successes you have experienced. Word process the stories, please.

  2. Save them to the Shared Folder- WOMS Future Stories

  3. You can work solo or in departments.

  4. Share out of stories.

Future Stories Folder

Activity: Postal Reminder

  1. Identify specific actions and/or changes that you will enact personally.

  2. Write them down on a self-addressed note card.

  3. Give cards to Ann & Sara.

S2H Postcards

Evaluation: participants fill out the End of Year Teacher Survey now.

Do the session evaluation.

End of Year Teacher Survey


Next Steps:

  • Teachers try additional TPACK strategies and discuss their benefit.


Follow Up Suggestions:

  • Coaches offer further departmental discussions with the TPACK documents
    Coaches offer further discussion of 1-to-1 strategies that can be implemented in all School2Home classrooms.


Resources:  How does TPACK fit with CCSS?


Module 8: Daily School2Home Activities



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