West Oakland Module 7

Module 7 - Digital Citizenship and Cool Tool

West Oakland Middle School – Jan. 27, 2015

Objectives: Teacher will:

  • Explore Flubaroo
  • become familiar with resources for helping student become good digital citizens
  • decide how to best work with students on the various DC topics so that all of them have been presented.
  • consider ways to incorporate DC curriculum as part of an academic lesson.
  • create a plan for Digital Citizenship curriculum delivery.




Cool Tool – a Magic Moment expanded

FLUBAROO-Using Forms and Spreadsheets to auto grade quizzes and tests.



WOMS and Flubaroo Quiz Sample


Flubaroo Tutorial on

Youtube Long 18 minutes

(Current as of 3/14)

Create a Flubaroo of your own

  • Try 6 questions and have two colleagues take your quiz

  • Not a beginner? Try to to use the Grid and Scale question types and then explain to a colleague.

Flubaroo Quickstart for Beginners See resources at bottom of page


Check out slides 18- 23 at

thissite for samples of

grid and scale questions

Chart It

Commonsense Media site resources

CyberSafety, Cyber Bullying and the OUSD NoBullying Committee

  • Why Cybersafety?


Cyber Ethics PPT


OUSD NoBullying Committee
Chen Kong-Wick
Leah Jensen

Introduction to OUSD CyberSafety Resources

  1. Cyber Ethic Scenarios-what would you do?

  2. Group Exercise

  1. In your group, go to the OUSD CyberSafety Resources page

  2. Together read the steps to complete the CyberSafety requirements.

  3. Choose one resource and explore the curriculum. Think about how you want to incorporate the CyberSafety/CyberEthic resources into your curriculum.














Brainstorming - How to deliver CyberSafety/CyberCitizenship lessons

  • Facilitator sets table groups

  • Each table discusses how to deliver CyberSafety/CyberCitizenship curriculum, thinking outside the box. (Example, flipping the Common Sense Media lesson)

  • The group comes to consensus on best delivery method(s)



Next steps:

      Incorporate Digital Citizenship topics into school curriculum.


Follow-up suggestions:

      School sets a schedule for the delivery of the CyberSafety/CyberCitizenship curriculum.

      Teachers investigate other CyberSafety/CyberCitizenship tools by searching the S2H database

      Additional PD on this topic


Module 7: Digital Citizenship


Quickstart Guide to Beginning Flubaroo 


Next PD:  WEDNESDAY February 18



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