West Oakland Module 4

Creating a Digital Collaborative Classroom
December, 17, 2015

Objectives: Teachers will

  • become familiar with digital classrooms.
  • think of alternatives to paper and think of ways to go paperless.
  • how to create collaborative environments for students.

Techniques to Create a Collaborative Classroom




Introduction to the collaborative digital classroom -- Moving into the Future

         Changes in the Desktop


Discuss with shoulder buddy how this video relates to your own workspace at home/school and your students workspace at home/school


         Report out to the group.

Evolution of the Desk


Hands On Activities for the Collaborative Classroom


Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence:


[email protected]


DePaul Teaching Commons: Collaborative Learning

Jokes source-remember not all appropriate for middle school classrooms


Working with Edmodo: Student Learning Mgt. 

What's different from Google classroom?

Can be accessed by parents

Direct incorporation of quizzes

Other Resources
Edmodo Help Center


Student Tutorial


Videos to introduce your students to Edmodo:

Katie Regan Series

An Introduction to the Google Classroom -- Kennan Scott

          Quick demo of how to start


Google Forms:A new best friend

Click on the link to the right and take the survey

 Collaborative Proofreading

Group 1 Read and correct Doc D together

Group 2 Read and correct Doc A together

Remember to save your original and to rename each group's "working" doc so that each  can have a new copy, e.g. Doc A Period 1 Tigers with Tigers being the name of the cooperative group.


Coffee Slam form


Tutorials on the web that are current and good


Google Forms 2014 Tutorial  12 minutes


Google Forms – Google Drive’s Hidden Gem 13 minutes

Magic Moment


Other interesting Wordle like resources


Tagxedo will make specific shapes out of your word lists -- like a US map


10 Really Good Site to Create Word Clouds


         What did I learn today

         What do I need in the future

         Do feedback for presenters


Testing is coming up. Let's keep it in perspective.

The Testing Camera


NEW RESOURCE for collaborating with parents -- Quick word about Skype Translate

You Tube Video for Skype Translate


Creating a Positive Classroom Environment -- short inspirational video


Unfamiliar with Edmodo-Some videos to watch




Edmodo in the middle school:

20 ways to use Edmodo:

Next steps:

  • Complete the digital classroom environment or add more components

  • Create/revise a new lesson where it is most appropriate using the digital classroom environment and reflect on the lesson’s outcome and student responses


Follow-up suggestions for Edmodo:

  • Teachers look at the Edmodo communities and join one or two.

  • Teachers engage parents in the Edmodo environment.

  • Teachers create quizzes in Edmodo.

Next meeting --  January 27  Module 7  Digital Citizenship


Collaborative Editing Doc A for WOMS

Collaborative Editing Doc D for WOMS

Module 4 S2H for WOMS


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