West Oakland Module 3

Common Core State Standards and Student Engagement November, 19, 2015

Objectives: Teachers will--

  • become familiar with CCSS and technology support in meeting them.
  • create/revise a lesson focusing on student engagement and the Common Core State Standards
  • become familiar with ways to improve content vocabulary by using technology tools.

What is the relationship between the CCSS and technology?

Discuss with a partner what was relevant/not relevant about the video

Group share out.

Technology and CCSS

Teacher Lesson Plan Activity: Charting Out a Content Specific Lesson

Focus on academic vocabulary

·       The standards call for students to grow their vocabularies through a mix of conversation, direct instruction, and reading.

·       Vocabulary and conventions are treated in their own strand not because skills in these areas should be handled in isolation, but  because their use extends across reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Template on web

Also in files at the bottom of this agenda.

Can  be downloaded to your computer

Magic Moment - Web 2.0 tools

Teacher Activity:

·       Choose one tool or reference and explore.

·       Group share out

All Time Best Web 2.0 Tools for Education

Family Handbook Activity:

Student Family Handbook Review

School/district handbook
Reflections and Feedback  


Additional Resources :

List of free and open source  concept and mind mapping software on Wikipedia

List of 55 critical words for CCSS test takers by Marilee Sprenger


Next Steps:

      Teachers reflect on the module's objectives and how they apply to their teaching practice.

      Teachers create a content dictionary with students.

      Teachers use the lesson created/modified and reflect on its presentation and outcome.

Follow-up Suggestions:

      Teachers continue further departmental discussions about using technology in this School2Home program in support of student achievement of CCSS.

      Coaches provide opportunities for additional lesson modification with the template provided.

      Teachers continue to share resources and experiences with other School2Home colleagues and teachers throughout the state of CA at the Brokers of Expertise website

      NEXT MEETING Dec. 17



Frayer Model Lesson Plan

WOMS S2H Module 3



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