Student and Family Laptop/Tablet Handbook

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Student and Family







Lovonya DeJean Middle School

3400 McDonald Ave.

Richmond, CA 94805 (510) 231 1430






Lovonya DeJean Middle School[i] is pleased to participate in School2Home, a new, evidence-based technology immersion program designed to improve the academic performance and digital literacy of students and to strengthen parent involvement in education.


As part of the program, each participating student (and therefore her or his family) will receive a laptop/tablet to use at school and at home during her or his study at Lovonya DeJean. A laptop/tablet provides exciting opportunities for students and their families, and it likewise entails responsibilities. Specifically, that means 7th and 8 th graders for this year.


This handbook explains what is expected from students and families regarding proper laptop/tablet use and care.  A parent/student laptop/tablet agreement is also included as Appendix A and should be signed by both the student and her or his parent/guardian and returned to the student’s 1st period teacher.






Before the Laptop/tablet Comes Home

4         Brief Overview of the School2Home Program

4         Parent/Guardian Technology Workshops

4         Parent/Guardian Expectations and Responsibilities

When the Laptop/tablet Comes Home

5         Daily Expectations and Responsibilities

5         Home Broadband

6         Using the Lovonya DeJean Web Page and the Parent Portal

6         Public Access Internet Locations

6         Charging the Laptop/tablet Battery

6         Caring for the Laptop/tablet

7-9    Additional Tips for Caring for the laptop/tablet/netbook

Terms of Use

10       Ownership and Management

10       Returning the Laptop/tablet

10       Responsible Use/Internet Safety Policy

10       Privacy Policy

11       Laptop/tablet Software

11       Desktop Backgrounds/Screensavers

11       Virus and Spyware Protection Updates

11       Email Etiquette

12       Plagiarism

12       Disciplinary Actions

12       Loss or Theft

13       Replacement/Repairs

13       Insurance (WCCUSD does not provide insurance)

13       Technical Support

13       Summer Use


Appendix A

          WCCUSD Acceptable Use Policy


Appendix B

          Student/Parent Laptop/tablet Agreement


NOTE: The following were used as guides in the development of this handbook.


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Middle School, Tiburon, CA


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Before the Laptop/tablet Comes Home


Brief Overview of the School2Home Program


School2Home is a comprehensive program to improve student academic performance and technology skills at underperforming middle schools across California. School2Home works with participating schools to provide each student and her or his family with a laptop/tablet to use at school and athome.

Parents will be provided the opportunity to complete technology workshops to learn computer and Internet basics and ways in which to use the laptop/tablet to be more involved in their child(ren)’s education. The program will also provide professional development to teachers to help them use technology effectively in their classrooms.


Parent/Guardian Technology Workshops


Before a student can take home her or his laptop/tablet, it is mandatory that the student’s parents (or another adult in the student’s life) complete six hours of School2Home technology training.  These trainings will be held in three-hour sessions on two different days; the scheduled times and dates for training are based on a parent survey of availability.  This training will cover:

·      basic technology skills

·      ways families can use the laptop/tablet to learn together

·      how to reach teachers and administrators to talk about their child’s education

·      how to order free or low-cost home Internet

·      how to set up and use an email account, how to access your child’s grades and standardized test scores

·       how to get technical support for your laptop/tablet.

·      how to find educational and online safety tools and community resources

In the event that a student’s parent/guardian is unable to attend the technology training, another adult (18 years or older) in that child’s life must attend the training on behalf of the student.  This person could be a family member, such as an aunt, uncle or older sibling, or another trusted adult, such as a godparent or mentor. The same adult must attend all six hours of training.  Training sessions will be held at school, and 1st period teachers will provide more information.


Parent/Guardian Expectations and Responsibilities


Parents/guardians have additional responsibilities related to their child’s participation in School2Home. Throughout the time their student participates in the School2Home program, parents/guardians have a responsibility to supervise their student’s use of the laptop/tablet and Internet at home.  Parents are also expected to use the laptop/tablet to monitor their student’s academic performance and homework and to communicate with teachers and school staff. A home laptop/tablet is a powerful tool for learning. Parents are encouraged to use the laptop/tablet to review what their child learns in the classroom, to introduce their child to fun, educational activities, and to support their child in exploring new ideas and concepts.


When the Laptop/tablet Comes Home


Daily Expectations and Responsibilities


 Bring your laptop/tablet to school every morning.

 Bring your laptop/tablet home every evening.

 Carry your laptop/tablet in its protective case in a backpack or book bag.

 Charge your laptop/tablet overnight and bring it to school fully charged.


Students will be using their laptop/tablet at school every day and will also have homework assignments that require the use of the laptop/tablet.Students are expected to bring their laptop/tablet to school every morning and to bring it home every evening. Laptop/tablets should be carried in a backpack, book bag, or another bag that keeps the laptop/tablet out of plain sight and minimizes the risk of damage.


Every evening, students are expected to charge their laptop/tablet in order that the battery is fully charged for school the next day.  Students who do not have access to a reliable power source at home should discuss other options with their 1st period teacher.


Home Broadband


Families participating in School2Home are strongly encouraged to have broadband Internet access at home. Specifically, access to the Internet will enable parents to:

    Access their child’s academic progress information including: homework assignments, grades on assignment/tests, progress reports (every 5-

weeks), report cards (every 10 weeks), and attendance records

            • Communicate with their child’s teachers and other important school staff

    •    Access learning and community services


Students will need access to the Internet in order to:

            •    Complete homework assignments and projects

    •    Communicate with teachers and counselors

            •    Access learning and community resources


WCCUSD has identified a low-cost home high speed Internet offer from Comcast. Currently Comcast has an offer for $9.95 a month. There is a flyer in Appendix C. There is no installation or equipment charge. This offer is extended to all members of the Lovonya DeJean Community and can be continued until your student graduates from high school.  If you are interested in this option please contact Comcast directly at: 1-855-8-INTERNET (1-855-846-8376). This is a toll free number. School2Home and or WCCUSD will notify parents whenever additional low-cost high speed Internet offers are made available by participating providers.


Participants can sign up for low-cost telephone, Internet, Water and Power services by applying for the California LifeLine service if they meet the income eligibility requirements. Eligibility requirements are available online at To apply for this service, an application can be requested from AT&T at (800) 377-9450 or a local service provider, or online at The School2Home Parent Workshops will guide participants through the process for applying for LifeLine, if necessary.


Lovonya DeJean Parent Resources


The Lovonya DeJean Website  ( ) has a parent resources link where parents find the Parent/Student Handbook, the Dress and Uniform Policy as well as district calendars. We suggest parents put a bookmark in the internet browser to the school website.

Parent Lounge: This room is dedicated to the parents of LDMS for meetings and activities that are sponsored by the parents. They can use the room during school hours to discuss any school concerns or issues. Contact Person - XXXXX (Vice Principal) Phone Number (510) 231-1430

Public Internet Access Locations


WCCUSD, School2Home and Lovonya DeJean Middle School is working to ensure that all families have access to high speed Internet in order to obtain all of the program benefits. The following is a list of options compiled for families without current Internet access:

•   Students will have Internet access at Lovonya DeJean Middle School throughout the day  

    City of Richmond Public Libraries ALL have public hotspot access.  You do not need a library card but you will have access to many more resources if you do have a card. Go to the RPL web site to get library hours for your local branch. 

·      The hotspot access is 24/7 even when the site itself is closed.

    Any Starbucks, Panera Bread, many McDonalds, and some laundromats offer free Internet access to customers

    Parents and students will receive additional information on local community Internet access points


Charging the Laptop/tablet Battery


Students are expected to bring their laptop/tablet to school every morning fully charged. Students should also bring their laptop/tablet charger to school each day.  Laptop/tablets should be plugged in overnight to ensure a full charge.  Students who do not have access to a reliable power source at home should discuss other options with their 1st period teacher.


Caring for the Laptop/tablet


A laptop/tablet is a big responsibility, but it is not difficult to care for. Students should bring their laptop/tablet to and from school in a backpack or book bag with sturdy straps to minimize the risk of damage.


Nothing should be affixed (attached, glued, taped, stuck on) to the screen of the laptop/tablet. All stickers that come affixed on laptop/tablets must remain on the laptop/tablets.


Below are some additional tips for taking care of your laptop/tablet:


1.  Make sure to keep your computer up-to-date. If your computer notifies you of an update, make sure you click yes to install all updates. This will help protect your computer form viruses and keep your laptop/tablet running at its most productive capacity.


2.  WCCUSD has made Google Docs and Gmail the common carrier for school use. This means that your student’s work will be stored in the cloud. Never the less, it is prudent to make sure you are saving backups of all of your files. You can do this in several ways: You can use free backup sites like, Email files to yourself, or store files on an external flash drive or static state drive. It is best to backup your files in at least 2 different ways in case something happens to your flash drive for example.


3.  Keep your laptop/tablet clean. This may seem like a simple topic, but computers require special cleaning even on the outside. Keeping your system free of dust, dirt and liquids is the first step to computer care. Always turn off your computer before cleaning!


a.  LCD/Tablet screen: the screen should never be cleaned with glass cleaner, water, or any other liquid. To clean the screen, use ONLY a microfiber cloth or lint-free cloth to gently wipe away dust.

b.  Keyboard: Canned air or small computer-specific vacuum cleaners are an excellent way to clean keyboards, computer case vents,or around disk drive openings.

c.  The Rest of the Laptop/tablet: should be kept as dust-free as possible. The best product to use to clean your computer is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (lightly wet and clean). Alternatively, spray a lint-free cloth lightly with glass cleaner, then clean the laptop/tablet. Too much liquid can damage your computer, even if it is turned off. Be sure to hold the cloth away from the computer when spraying - never spray directly on computer.

d.  When in doubt about how to clean your computer system, consult technical support


4.  Always have clean hands before using your laptop/tablet. Clean hands make it easier to use your laptop/tablet touchpad and there will be less risk of leaving dirt and other stains on the computer. In addition, if you clean your hands before use, you will help reduce wear and tear on the coating of the laptop/tablet caused by contact with sweat and small particles. Dirty fingers can cause letters on keys to disappear and/or become "sticky keys"



5.  Protect the LCD display monitor, as it is VERY fragile. The LCD screen should NEVER be touched, even with your fingers! Irreparable damage can be caused to the screen with the slightest of touches. Keep sharp objects from the screen. Never put pens or pencils in your laptop/tablet carrying case. The screen can crack or break easily even if it protected in a backpack or carrying case, so be very careful when handling them with a laptop/tablet inside. When you shut your laptop/tablet, make sure there are no small items, such as a pencil, ear buds or small ear-phones, on the keyboard. These can damage the display screen when shut; the screen will scratch if the item is rough. Close the lid gently and holding from the middle. Closing the lid using only one side causes pressure on that hinge, and over time can cause it to bend and snap.


6.  Keep all liquids and food items away from your laptop/tablet. Liquids and food crumbs can damage delicate electronic circuits. Astempting as it might be to drink soda, take a bite out of your sandwich or eat or drink any other food of beverages near your laptop/tablet, accidents can happen all too easily. Spilled liquids may damage the internal components or cause electrical injury to the laptop/tablet. Short circuits can corrupt data or even permanently destroy parts. Food crumbs can slip under your keys and cause your keys to stick and become unusable. The solution is very simple: Keep your food and drinks away from your computer. Even if you're careful, someone else might bump into you or your desk.


7.  Beware of Viruses. Never open an email attachment unless you know and trust the person who sent it. Do not accept downloads from

Internet sites that you don't know and trust. Gaming sites generally

offer free downloads that have corrupt files that can infect your computer with malware and viruses. If you want to play a game online, that’s fine, just don’t download any games - bookmark the site instead so that you can go back to use it later. Also, never click on pop-ups, and avoid sites that have them!


8.  Protect your Identity. Be careful when giving out your email address and personal information online. When signing up for something (free) online, many times the site will sell your email address and personal information to a third party vendor, who will use it to send unwelcomed email advertisements or worse. Read over the User Agreement and Privacy Policy before submitting a form online with any private information.


9.  Hold and lift the laptop/tablet by its base, not by its LCD screen. The laptop/tablet lid (screen) should be closed before lifting and should be lifted using both hands. If you lift it by the screen part alone, you could damage the display or the hinges attaching it to the base. The screen is also easily scratched or damaged by direct pressure – avoid placing pressure on it.


10. Don't pull on the power cord. Tugging your power cord out from the power socket rather than putting your hand directly on the plug in the socket and pulling can break off the plug or damage the power socket. Also, if you have the power cord near your feet, avoid constantly bumping into the plug because you could loosen it and eventually break it.


11. Plug in accessory devices into their proper slots. Always look at the symbols and shape of the ports on the laptop/tablet carefully before inserting devices. Jamming a phone line into an Ethernet port or vice versa could damage the sockets, making it impossible to use them again. It is very important to observe this step.


12. Be sure to store your laptop/tablet in your laptop/tablet bag or backpack. You can trip or someone can knock into you causing you todrop and potentially break or damage your laptop/tablet. Remember where your laptop/tablet is at all times. Do not sit, throw, or step on your backpack with your laptop/tablet in it.


13. Don't leave your laptop/tablet in a car. Not only do the insides of cars experience large temperature swings that could damage a laptop/tablet, but

a laptop/tablet (or laptop/tablet bag) is an inviting target someone to break into your car and steal it. This already happened last year! Your laptop/tablet should

be kept in a safe location that is a dry and cool in temperature.


14. Try and keep the laptop/tablet on a flat surface. This prevents damage to the laptop/tablet. This step can be hard, particularly if you are going out with your laptop/tablet, but if there is a flat surface available to put your laptop/tablet on then do so.


Terms of Use


Ownership and Management


Laptop/tablets are property of West Contra Costa Unified School District and are loaned out to students for the duration of their study at Lovonya DeJean Middle School. Laptop/tablets should only be used by students and their families.  Laptop/tablets should not be lent to others.


Laptop/tablets will be inventoried by school staff and will be distributed directly to students by a given period upon parent’s completion of the required  School2Home parent workshops.




Students will be have restricted access to administrative privileges on the laptop/tablets. This means that software installations on the laptop/tablet are also restricted. The student user account login information is as follows:





Returning the Laptop/Tablet


If a student leaves school prior to graduation, he or she must return the laptop/tablet he or she has been loaned from the school. Also, if a student maintains poor attendance (tardiness, truancy, and/or absence) and/or has missed more than 15 days of school during a given school year, her or his privilege of loaning a laptop/tablet may be revoked and must be returned to the school. Behavioral problems may also result in a loss of privileges losing the laptop/tablet. If, upon request, the laptop/tablet is not returned in a timely manner, the anti-theft device on the laptop/tablet will be activated, and the laptop/tablet will be reported stolen.



Responsible Use/Internet Safety Policy


Laptop/tablets are being provided to enable students to access educational resources and enrichment activities and to equip students with the skills they need to be successful in the 21st century.


Students are prohibited from accessing, sharing, or creating inappropriate or graphic content, including images or language depicting violence, nudity, pornography, obscenity or otherwise unsuitable subject matter. Lovonya DeJean Middle School filters all Internet access, no matter where is it accessed, to restrict access to inappropriate online content; however, no filtering program is entirely effective, and ultimate responsibility lies with the student.


Students are further prohibited from using chat and instant messaging services (such as AOL Instant Messenger or MSN Messenger) and social networking sites (such as Facebook or Myspace) during school hours, unless instructed by a teacher.


Finally, students must comply with the Acceptable Use Policy for West Contra  Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) as established by WCCUSD Board of Education and included as Appendix B.


Privacy Policy


Laptop/tablets and the school network are property of Lovonya DeJean Middle School and WCCUSD.  Any information that is accessed or transmitted through the school network on a laptop/tablet belonging to Lovonya DeJean Middle School may be monitored, viewed, cataloged, or deleted by the school, district, or staff. Lovonya DeJean Middle School further reserves the right to investigate suspected inappropriate computer conduct by students and their families and will fully cooperate with local, state, and federal law enforcement officials in the event of unlawful misconduct or suspicion of misconduct.


Insurance Options


Lovonya DeJean Middle School and WCCUSD have no insurance on the computer. Accidental damage or damage or loss resulting from student or parent negligence are not be covered under warranty (water damage, broken parts, damaged screen, etc.). In the event that a laptop/tablet is damaged to the point that it becomes unusable, the student will not receive a new laptop/tablet, and the student’s family will become responsible to repair or replace the computer at their own expense.


 Laptop/tablet Software


Students and their families are prohibited from downloading additional software onto their laptop/tablet. Students who are found to have violated this term will be asked to remove the downloaded software.  A second infraction will incur more severe disciplinary action. Under no circumstances are students or their families permitted to download file-sharing software, such as LimeWire or BitTorrent. In the event that you feel specific software is necessary to be added to your laptop/tablet, requests may be tendered to the district.


Desktop Backgrounds/Screensavers


Students are permitted to choose their own desktop backgrounds and screensavers, provided they are appropriate for school.  Images and photos should not depict violence, nudity, pornography, graphic language, offensive material, illegal activity, or gang activity.



Virus and Spyware Protection Updates


Anti-virus and spyware protection software is downloaded on the laptop/tablet.  An alert message will periodically prompt the student to update this software.  Students are required to update this software when prompted.  Failure to do so may put the laptop/tablet at risk.


Email Etiquette


All electronic communication is subject to monitoring and should not be considered confidential.  Students are expected to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in all electronic communication and should use professional, respectful language. Students are not to use inappropriate content, including text or images depicting violence, nudity, pornography, graphic language, or illegal activity. Further, parents and students should be respectful of teachers’ time and should not email teachers for reasons that are not school-related.




Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else’s words or ideas and presenting them as one’s own. A laptop/tablet makes it easy to copy and paste information from the Internet into a student assignment.  However, taking information directly from an existing source without citing the source is plagiarism, and it is illegal.  If a student wishes to use information he or she found online (on a website or in a digital publication of any kind) in a school assignment, that information must be correctly quoted or paraphrased and cited.  If a student is unsure about what constitutes plagiarism, he or she should talk with a teacher or another school staff person. Students found plagiarizing will lose credit for their assignment and may face additional disciplinary actions.


Disciplinary Actions


Failure to follow the rules and guidelines presented in this handbook will result in in progressive disciplinary action as deemed appropriate.  This includes, but is not limited to, tampering with the laptop/tablet’s administrative settings, neglecting or stealing a WCCUSD/ Lovonya DeJean laptop/tablet, etc.Disciplinary actions are to be determined by the deans or other school officials, and will depend on the violation and may include parent contact, loss ofassignment credit, detention, in- or out-of-school suspension, and temporary or permanent loss of laptop/tablet privileges.



Loss or Theft


Lovonya DeJean Middle School does NOT have insurance coverage to replace laptop/tablets in the event of loss or theft. Laptop/tablets that are lost or stolen as a result of student or parent negligence will not be replaced, and students may have to complete their work without the use of a laptop/tablet.  Laptop/tablet replacement due to loss or theft will be determined by the school on a case-by-case basis.


If a laptop/tablet charger is lost, the student is responsible for replacement. These can be purchased from Lovonya DeJean for $50.


Lost or stolen laptop/tablets must be reported immediately to the Lovonya DeJean School Office. Following the report of theft of a laptop/tablet, the student will be asked to provide a statement describing the circumstance to the dean and then school police officer will file a report. As soon as the school police officer files a police report, the company that manages the Computrace software on Lovonya DeJean’s laptop/tablets will activate the tracking software to locate the computer. If the laptop/tablet is recovered and returned to the school, it will be reassigned to the student.





A loaner laptop/tablet may be available to students while their laptop/tablet is being fixed. If a loaner laptop/tablet is not available, students will be required to complete their work without the use of a school-issued laptop/tablet.


As stated above, if a laptop/tablet charger is lost, the student is responsible for replacement. These can be purchased from Lovonya DeJean for $50. If a laptop/tablet carrying case needs to be replaced, one can be purchased from Lovonya DeJean for $16.  Lost mice are $6.00



Technical Support


If you are having Internet connectivity issues at home, you should contact your local Internet service provider (Comcast, AT&T, etc.). Contact information for your service providers can be found online or on your monthly bill.


If you are having trouble with the student netbook itself, please have your child turn the netbook into the vice principal’s office for possible repairs.



Summer Use


Laptop/tablets may be collected at the end of the school year to receive maintenance and software updates. Students and their families are encouraged tocontinue using online resources throughout the summer.  Free computer access, Internet access are available at:


Main Richmond Public Library:

Eastmont Town Center, Suite 211
26th and McDonald, Richmond Civic  Center Plaza



(510) 510 620 6559






Appendix A







West Contra Costa Unified School District


Student Acceptable Use Policy


I understand that it is my responsibility to honor the Acceptable Use Policy and uphold the West Contra Costa Unified School District Technology Values both online, offline, at school and at home. I understand that my actions can affect others and that I will be accountable for my behavior. I will not engage in activities that are in violation of the Technology Acceptable Use Policy.



I have read the Acceptable Use Policy and agree to follow these rules and guidelines when using technology. This applies while I am at WCCUSD as well as when I am off campus.



Printed Student Name: _________________________________________

School Site: _________________________________ Grade: __________

Student Signature: _______________________________________Date:___________





 Parent / Guardian Section:


I give permission for my child to participate in the school district’s electronic communications or computer systems. In consideration for the privilege of my child using the district’s computer systems, electronic communications, access to the Internet and public networks, I hereby release the school district, its operators and any institutions with which they are affiliated from any and all claims and damages of any nature arising from my child’s use, or inability to use, the system, including, without limitation, the types of damage identified in the school and district acceptable use policy(s) and administrative regulations.

I accept full responsibility if and when my child’s use of technology is not in a school setting and understand that my child is subject to the same rules and agreements while not at school. I understand that WCCUSD encourages parents and guardians to supervise and monitor any online activity.

Printed Parent / Guardian Name: _____________________________________________

Parent / Guardian Signature: __________________________________Date: __________

Revised: 7/20/13






Appendix B


WCCUSD/School2Home Student/Parent Laptop/tablet Agreement

Lovonya DeJean Middle School




I,                                                                    , attest that I have read and understood the rules and guidelines in the School2Home Student and FamilyLaptop/tablet Handbook.


I agree to follow the rules and guidelines listed in the handbook, and I understand the consequences of breaking the rules and/or guidelines.  I understand that my use of the program laptop/tablet may be revoked if I fail to comply with the rules and guidelines, and I understand that I may face other disciplinary and legal actions

for inappropriate use of the laptop/tablet.


I further agree not to bring any claim, action, liability or suit against or otherwise seek compensation or damages from Lovonya DeJean Middle School, WCC Unified School District, Families in Schools and the School2Home program for any failure of Internet security or safety measures, malfunction of the laptop/tablet and software, and any harm, injury or cost resulting from the improper use of the laptop/tablet.


Full Name of Child

                                CHILD’S SIGNATURE                                                        DATE



I have reviewed and understood the School2Home Student and Family Laptop/tablet Handbook and discussed its contents with my child.  My child understands the rules and guidelines and the consequences of breaking them. I agree to supervise my child’s use of the laptop/tablet and Internet athome.  I further agree to use the laptop/tablet to monitor my child’s academic performance and homework and to communicate with teachers and school staff.


________________________________________________                                                 ____________________________________

            PARENT / GUARDIAN’S SIGNATURE                                                  DATE



Student and Family Laptop/Tablet Handbook


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