The "School2Home Case for Support"  includes a variety of research and resources on improving academic achievement through digital access and literacy.


An Important Resource in Implementation of Common Core State Standards

Student academic achievement is greatly increased when parents are able to support their children during

their educational process and can actively participate in the various programs offered at each school. This is

especially true when planning and implementing a new major initiative such as the Common Core State

Standards (CCSS) and related computer assisted assessment system planned and initiated by the Smarter

Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC). The parents and community at large must have an appreciation

and understanding of the new program to be able to support teachers in their efforts to implement changes in

student work assignments, expectations, and new student performance assessments resulting from CCSS



Research has shown that parent involvement is one of the most important variables that effects the

implementation and success of any school program. Due to challenging work schedules, lack of familiarity

with the educational system and language barriers, effective parent engagement is especially challenging at

the numerous low-performing schools often located in underserved communities. For the past five years,

School2Home has been developed and funded by the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) as well

as matching funds from school districts and a variety of other grant programs with the purpose of closing

both the Achievement Gap and the Digital Divide by integrating the use of technology into teaching and

learning at low-performing middle schools throughout California. School2Home provides the essential

framework anchored in best practices to turn around low-performing schools and the requisite platform to

support Common Core Standards, innovative pedagogy, or other school-improvement initiatives.

School2Home focuses on increasing parent engagement in student learning, improving teacher to parent

communications, increasing student achievement motivation, and helping parents to understand student

academic and behavioral performance assessments and to learn how the use of technology at home and

school supports learning. School2Home is planned in collaboration with districts and schools.


The following is a brief description of the major School2Home activities that could directly and indirectly

support the planning and implementation of CCSS and the related computer assisted assessment system:


• Inform parents about the Common Core Standards: School2Home can incorporate into its parent

training program information from the CCSS Leadership Planning Guide, recently developed with input

from the California State PTA, California School Boards Association, Californians Together, California

State Board of Education, California Department of Education and the Common Core Guide for Parents.


• Help parents understand the new Smarter Balanced Assessments: School2Home can provide training

and follow-up assistance for parents on understanding the new computer-based formative and summative

student performance assessments and the implications for ways that parents can help students with home



• Facilitate parents getting involved with their children’s school program: School2Home can provide

information for parents on how to work with the school as a volunteer in ways that keep them connected

the most educationally relevant school activities and how to connect on-line to school and teacher



• Involve parents in school level planning for CCSS: School2Home can assist schools establish a

core leadership team that includes parents to participate in CCSS related site planning. School2Home

can work with the school leadership team and help facilitate the planning process. The facilitation of

forming and leading a school leadership team is a core component of School2Home.


• Help schools plan for technology use to support CCSS: School2Home can support the school

leadership team in planning to incorporate the use of computers, netbooks or tablets to support

teaching and learning aligned with CCSS.


• Help parents judge student performance beyond test scores: School2Home can assist schools in

introducing parents to the assessment process. A major objective for CCSS is to move to assessing

student work according to their capacity to apply learning to the completion of projects and higher order

problem solving. Parents need training to understand this approach and its value.


• Provide ongoing updates for parents: School2Home can provide updates on new and emerging

CCSS developments, especially as updates are relevant to actions that parents can take.


• Provide information about digital resources appropriate to home use: School2Home can inform

and support home use of electronic learning resources and online courses appropriate for home use that

support CCSS. Parent workshops provide information about affordable Internet access and teach them

how to find information in Spanish and English on the School2Home website.


• Have parents share home-based instructional activities: School2Home can facilitate workshops for

parents to share information and activities they find useful in supporting student learning and motivation.


• Use the technology to facilitate school to home communication: School2Home can provide the

training and support to enable increased and ongoing communications between teachers and parents with

examples of effective practices. A component of the School2Home parent workshops teaches parents how

to access attendance and progress information about their child through the district’s parent portal. The

School2Home professional development encourages teachers to leverage the access to technology to

increase their level of communication with parents who would otherwise not be able to meet with teachers

due to restrictive work schedules.


• Provide teachers with professional development and coaching: School2Home can provide

training and ongoing support for teachers on instructional use of CCSS aligned digital resources and

how to adapt such resources to meet local needs of their students. The 24 hours of School2Home

professional development prepares teachers to engage students in a technology-rich environment

during and after school hours with a focus on increased academic achievement.


• Provide support and resources to enable students to acquire 21st century skills: School2Home

can help schools engage students in the program to develop deeper technology expertise and problem

solving skills. They will be more competent and comfortable using computers and more prepared to use

computers during the SBAC testing.


• Identify CCSS aligned technology applications and instructional resources with documented

promise of effectiveness: School2Home collaborates with other services that review instructional

resources such as the California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) and links to the best resources

through the School2Home website.


• Provide parents and teachers with information regarding appropriate safe use of the Internet:

School2Home has a component of professional development that relates to Internet safety for students

with advice to parents and teachers. School2Home parent workshops address Internet safety and the

promotion of good digital citizenship.

• Assist parents in using the new CCSS student performance report cards: School2Home can work

with the district to communicate to parents about how to interpret the new CCSS reports, which may

contain over 30 categories of information about their children’s learning and school behavior related to

the new standards.

• Serve as a partner agency with the school district: School2Home can be the primary resource to the

school district in facilitating and helping maintain the technology and parent involvement component of

the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and CCSS implementation plans.

• Provide School2Home Learning Academies: School2Home emphasizes peer support through

learning communities and has developed Learning Academies and online learning for leadership teams

to share best CCSS and parent engagement practices and learn from one another.

• Provide for external evaluation to document implementation: School2Home provides for an external

evaluation to determine level of implementation of program components, level of use of each component,

impact of School2Home on parent involvement, use of technology to support instruction and learning,

and to inform changes needed to potentially improve effectiveness.


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