Professional Learning


The goal of School2Home teacher professional development is to support student learning in a 1:1 computer environment and to integrate into classroom practice 21st century skills, tools, and teaching strategies.

School2Home Professional Learning is organized around 8 specific groups of knowledge and skills (referred to as “Modules”) described in functional terms for a teacher to successfully integrate technology into lessons and optimize the impact for student learning and parent engagement.  It is designed to incorporate “best practices” for enhancing teaching proficiency.  However, it also is intended to be customized for each district and school to integrate it into existing teacher training for other school-improvement initiatives if feasible and appropriate.  School2Home evolves to better serve schools as new technologies, new standards, and changing needs emerge.

The Learning Modules

The 8 modules are built around learning objectives, targeted outcomes, and performance indicators.  The modules are continually refreshed based on changes in education research, policy and practice as well as changes in in assessment tools and accountability reporting requirements.  


The 8 Learning Modules, which are described in more detail later, are:

  1. Understanding School2Home and Digital Literacy.
  2. Harnessing the Power of Parent Engagement and Education.
  3. Embedding Digital Citizenship into Daily Classroom Activities.
  4. Moving Towards Personalized Learning.
  5. Implementing Digital Pedagogy and Learning (Part I).
  6. Implementing Digital Pedagogy and Learning (Part II).
  7. Extending Student Digital Learning Experiences.
  8. Charting the Future for Academic Success.


Integration with the School Plan

School2Home Professional Learning is integrated with each school plan for professional learning.  Using the objectives, outcomes and performance indicators as a guide, the Learning Modules are tailored to the school plan to avoid potential duplication of prior or planned work.  School2Home helps each School Leadership Team develop a seamless and sustained program of professional learning activities and supports.


Flexible Delivery Options

The Learning Modules can be presented in a number of ways, including in-person workshops and an online version.  A guide for facilitators and a slide deck and available for each of the Learning Modules on the School2Home website.  Each guide provides an abundance of resources, numerous suggested learning activities, and additional content. Facilitators are encouraged to modify the module to meet the specific needs and goals of their school, and to develop their own webpage to house their finished guides.  Each module is designed for 3 hours if all content is provided.


Due to the nature of online coursework versus in-person formats, the activities in the online version vary somewhat.  However, the online content is designed to meet the same learning objectives. The Coach, must monitor progress, check assignments, and evaluate the year-end digital project.  The online version is helpful to train new teachers at a school that has already completed the School2Home Professional Learning or to train teachers who have missed a session.  They can also be useful as review sessions with teachers who wish to develop a deeper understanding of certain key concepts.


Although a variety of delivery options are available, it is highly recommended that Module 1 and Module 8 be provided in-person to foster an “esprit de corps” and root a “culture of excellence”.  School2Home is most effective when all teachers complete the Learning Modules (or their equivalencies) so that the entire staff is working towards mastery of the same concepts and goals.



School2Home helps each partner school customize the professional learning modules to support their needs and signature pedagogies as well as to leverage prior and future professional development endeavors.  Because no two schools are exactly the same, the pacing and content are developed in close collaboration with the School Leadership Team. The School2Home Coach plays a major role in guiding the implementation of the Professional Learning.  The Coach helps the School Leadership Team with the following:


  1. Curriculum Assessment:  Review the School2Home Learning Modules to appraise the learning objectives and determine if functionally equivalent content has or will be provided by another partner, such as the school district or a different organization.  For example, teachers may have already completed Google Teacher Certifications or aligned Digital Promise micro-credentials. Thus, the School2Home modules covering these topics could be shortened or modified. Attachment 2 is a tool designed to help with this curriculum assessment.  
  2. Teacher Self-Assessment:  Administer a teacher self-assessment to determine the extent to which teachers know the content and practice the skills presented in the modules.  This tool helps the Leadership Team customize the modules and identify the topics and skills the teachers need to strengthen in order to successfully implement the program.


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