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The goal of School2Home teacher professional development is to support student learning in a 1:1 computer environment and to integrate into classroom practice 21st century skills, tools, and teaching strategies.

Teachers who undergo School2Home professional development:

  • Are familiar with resources that support Common Core State Standards in a student-centered, 1-to-1 learning environment.
  • Have learned pedagogical strategies and identified appropriate technologies to support digital learning activities in the classroom.
  • Know how to use technology to engage parents in supporting their students as learners.
  • Are prepared to take advantage of 1-to-1 computers to improve communication with families and increase parent involvement in student learning.


School2Home offers eight teacher professional development modules designed around the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS•S).


Module 1: Introduction to the School2Home program 

Module 2: Parent Engagement 

Module 3: Common Core State Standards & Student-Engaged Learning

Module 4: A Collaborative Classroom

Module 5: ISTE Standards

Module 6: Alternative Instructional Strategies

Module 7: Digital Citizenship

Module 8: Daily Activities

These modules can be delivered in four 6-hour sessions as follows:
Day 1:

  • Introduction to the School2Home program 
  • Parent Engagement

Day 2:

  • Common Core State Standards & Student-Engaged Learning
  • A Collaborative Classroom

Day 3:

  • ISTE Standards · Alternative Instructional Strategies

Day 4:

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Daily Activities


The following schools have customized their professional development modules:



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