Powerpoints for Parent Engagement Workshops

Here are the powerpoints for the Parent Engagement Workshops.  Please be aware that CORRUPTION of the digital sort may occur and you should review each PP before you present.  If you made edits that would be useful to others please send them along to me so that they can be shared.  If you convert these to a Google Presentations format, the same caveats apply.

You will find each of the workshops in the file folder below.
For people presenting on a 3 session series, please use the 1 - 2 - 3 powerpoints.
For people presenting on a 2 session series, please use the A - B powerpoints.



Dejean Taller Part A Espanol

English Part A Dejean

Final S2H Facilitator Guides A & B

PP S2H WKA English Final

PP S2H WKA Spanish Final

PP S2H WKB English Final

PP S2H WKB Spanish Final



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