Workshop 2

Harnessing the Power of Technology for Learning


Workshop 2 begins by reviewing the first workshop content.  Then, the facilitator helps participants explore technology tools in use at their child’s school.  Parents learn how to use many of the same tools and are provided time to practice.  Parents receive one-on-one support and work in small groups to develop their technical skills and to engage in joint problem solving.  College and career pathways are introduced.  An overarching goal of this workshop is making the connection between technology and student achievement.


Learning Objectives

During this workshop, parents will be introduced to and explore the following:

  • The school Learning Management System (LMS) and/or the District Parent Portal.
  • Specific techniques for using the LMS and Parent Portal to support their child’s learning.
  • Specific technologies and applications that their school uses, such as Google docs and Smarter Balanced Assessments as well as specific tools for students with unique needs.
  • Additional element of digital citizenship not covered in Workshop 1.
  • College resources including scholarships and financial aid.


Progress Indicators

Once parents have completed this workshop, they will know how to:

  • Sign into and use the district Parent Portal.
  • View their child’s work on the LMS.
  • Review the school Acceptable Use Policy with their child.
  • Communicate with their child’s teacher using the LMS.
  • Respond to teacher or school announcements posted on the school website.
  • Know the special software or technologies in use at their child’s school.
  • Use Google translation tools (if English is not a their first language).


Facilitator’s Guide:  Guide will be provided to School2Home Facilitators.


Sample Resources:

  • Facts About Online Predators Every Parent Should Know - Common Sense Media


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