Workshop 1

Introducing School2Home

Workshop 1 introduces parents to School2Home, its goals, and the implementation process.   Teachers and parents introduce themselves to each other and share their views of technology and how it can support learning.  A significant amount of the workshop is devoted to technology and School2Home;  however, the most important goal of this first session is to establish a welcoming environment to begin developing a sense of teamwork and trust between and among families and school staff.  


Learning Objectives

During this workshop, parents will be introduced to and explore the following:

  • School2Home Goals and 10 Core Components.
  • The middle school environment, class schedule, academic goals, and school website.
  • The digital device their child will have at school and at home.
  • Affordable broadband options for the home.
  • Responsible Use Policy (RUP) for students and guidelines for parents.
  • Basic digital literacy skills and tools.


Progress Indicators

Once parents have completed this workshop, they will know how to:

  • Obtain an email address, if they do not have one.
  • Obtain broadband at home, if they do not have a subscription.
  • Monitor their child’s use of the Internet.
  • Access the school website.
  • Know how to contact their child’s teachers and office staff.
  • Express confidence in their school and the teaching staff.
  • Feel a sense of belonging to the school community.


Facilitator’s Guide: Guide will be provided to School2Home Facilitators.


Sample Resources:  

School2Home 10 Core Components

Affordable Broadband Flyer English

Affordable Broadband Flyer Spanish


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