Online PD Resources-Template

S2H Online Project Template


Copy and paste the template below to a separate document.

You are welcome and encouraged to create a Google document that can be shared with your colleagues.  Please use the following naming protocol   SiteName_Yourlastname_ProjectName, e.g. WOMS_Kruze_EnviromentalRacism.  Send a link or the file to [email protected]


Your Name:

School Site:


Name of Project:


Which School2Home  Professional Development Module(s) are addressed in this project?:


Description of Project:


Time frame: <number of class periods or hours>


Materials needed: <supporting documents, websites, resources>




CCSS standards/ISTE standards addressed:





Reflection:  Successes and Challenges, suggestions for improvement or other teachers who are attempting to replicate your project .                                                            




Please append/attach any supporting materials


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