Online PD Resources-Instructions

Instructions for 2015-16 New Full Time Teachers to do online S2H module reviews and projects.


The School2Home Professional Development program consists of eight modules normally delivered in three hour sessions for a total of 24 hours of professional development. For sites where the majority of the staff has been trained in a prior year, a modified program is offered to new teachers.

In order to participate, you must sign a contract that will enable you to receive your stipend. Stipends are paid on completion of the 4 module reviews and the final project. Payments will be made in December 30, 2015 and May 30, 2016. The last date the work submitted by is April 30, 2016. Payments are made from the California Emerging Technology Fund, School2Home section.

A new teacher must first review each of four modules on line. Each module review requires that a form be filled out. The Google Form that must be completed is entitled "module review" and is found in the left hand navigation panel on this page.

The second part of the program requires the completion of a classroom project based on one of the modules. There is a project protocol with instructions and a project form for detailing your plan and reflecting on it in the left hand navigation panel on this page.

The content of the project is determined by each individual. The project must be actually used in the classroom. Example of projects that you could consider are:

  • Setting up of a web page by the teacher that served as a landing spot for students to find assignments, instructions, forms and comments by the teacher. 
  • Using the Remind App to let parents know about learning support strategies.
  • Creating essential questions aligned to the Common Core Standards and asking students to respond to them.
  • Having students train their parents to use to check attendance and grades.
  • Publishing classroom project based learning assignments.
  • Teaching students how to create testable hypotheses by publishing and critiquing each students question designs.
  • Creating sound tracks for a hypothetical movie based on a novel they have read and explaining why the music selected is the perfect one for an incident or character.
  • Making visual dictionaries of words encountered in deep reading.

There are two on site coaches, Kennan Scott and Devilla Ervin, [email protected], and the S2H manager, Ann Kruze, who can offer support to you. Please don't hesitate to ask.



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