Oct 10, 2016


Professional Development Objectives for Oct. 10, 2016 meeting

Teachers will:

  • Customize their Illuminate Dashboard.
  • Define Digital Citizen, review/prepare upcoming lessons and participate in scenario 
  • Complete one lesson plan to be presented in the next two weeks that uses technology to enhance and support






Review Objectives



Illuminate--Customizing your Dashboard

Illuminate Login  (First Time?)

Add the Birthdays Widget!--Class culture-builder--Make a Birthday Poster!  :)

WCCUSD How To Guides


Digital Citizenship

  • Definition

  • WCC Digital Citizenship Day (Friday October 14)

  • District Matrix of Lessons--planning and exploring

  • Responding to Incidents

  • Legal and Policy Frameworks

  • Scenarios--Roleplay w/Debrief

Common Sense Media

WCC Digital Citizenship Lessons Matrix

Trillion Dollar Footprint-7th grade History

Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line-7th grade Math

Which Me Should I Be?-8th grade History

Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding-8th grade Math

CSM--Don’t Teach, Embed  

Other resources:

Responding to Cyberbullying: An Administrator’s Guide (PDF)


[email protected] Citizenship Summary


Sample Bullying Response, Investigation and Prevention Checklist

Student AUP    Teacher AUP


Create a least one lesson for use in the next two weeks.

For PE teachers:

Use search term “technology” “video assessment” use Wii to project fitness routines

Explore Jarrod Robinson’s PEGeek website


Write a Donor’s Choose grant TODAY to get the devices or equipment you may need.

ELA, ELD, History, Science, SpEd--Newsela

(Use your district email address and your ID number to log in.)  Quick-Start Guide

How to Use Newsela

Write up how you will introduce Newsela for the first time in class, what your first assignment is, and how you will hold students accountable to complete it.

Math--IXL (Free Trial) and/or Kahoot or ...

Write up how your students will use the technology and how you will hold students accountable.

PE Resources:






Tech and the Music Class

Music Ed Apps


Good of the Order/Evaluation

Evaluation form -- scroll down on this page.

Resources :

Link to the Article

Don’t Teach Digital Citizenship, Embed it! By Heather Marrs in the ISTE website.




Scenarios -- Pre-written sources to modify or select the most appropriate for your challenges









Next Steps --

  • Discuss in a grade level or content area meeting how your group will approach teaching Digital Citizenship

Possible discussion questions:

Have you personally experienced incidences of students being unsafe online?

What strategies or approaches did you choose when you had to respond to an incident of unsafe student behavior?

How have you supported students to develop as  digital citizens?

What questions or concerns have surfaced for you regarding the use of these devices at home?

What is the difference between digital literacy and digital citizenship?

Continue to work on creating technology supported lesson plans.



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