Newsela is "an innovative tool for delivering high-interest, cross-curricular nonfiction texts to students, right at their reading levels."  




In this interactivity, choose your own path for exploring Newsela, beginning to understand how to use it, even setting up your own classroom. 

Explore the Common Sense Media Newsela review and examples of teacher use Explore using Newsela via their YouTube channel videos.  Use the Newsela Support Section to learn how to get started, set up and use Newsela with your learners. 
Screen_Shot_Newsela_review_at_CSM.png Screen_Shot_Newsela_at_Youtube.png Screen_Shot_Newsela_learning_and_support_banner.png


OR, explore Newsela just by banging around in it, on your own or with some partners.

As time allows, you may even be able to set up Newsela for your classroom and create an assignment!


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