Muir Module 4

Creating a Digital Collaborative Classroom - March 30, 2015

Objectives: Teachers will
become familiar with digital classrooms.
think of alternatives to paper and think of ways to go paperless.
create a collaborative environment for students.

Option 1: Google

Activity Handouts/resource
Hands-0n Activity for Collaborative Classroom

Introduction to digital classroom

Watch the video (6.56 min); talk with a partner or group about what you have already done to make your classroom collaborative, and what more you would like to do. Share out.

Video: A Positive Classroom Environment

Explore: Collaborative Classroom sites:

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence:

[email protected]

DePaul Teaching Commons: Collaborative Learning Activities

Divide into three groups

  • Explore your assigned site

  • Find two activities that would work at Muir

  • How can you use the iPad to do the lesson?

  • Report out to the group


Google Drive - WP

  • collaborative development of document

  • share

  • comments

  • folders

  • history

  • accountability

  • MyDrive

Collaborative Proofreading

Group 1 Read and correct Doc D together
Group 2 Read and correct Doc A together
Remember to save your original and to rename each group's "working" doc so that each  can have a new copy, e.g. Doc A Period 1 Tigers with Tigers being the name of the cooperative group.

Notability- How could you use this as a collaborative tool?

Evolution of the Desk video

Google Docs in Plain English video

eachers create a collaborative document with fellow department members regarding possible uses of Google docs in their subject area Google Docs account

Other Features of Google Drive

  • spreadsheets
  • drawing
  • presentation
  • forms
  • offline work
Google Docs account

Google Forms:

Teachers create a form to survey parents. Or a quiz. Or some other document….


Tutorials on the web that are current and good

Google Forms 2014 Tutorial  12 minutes

 Google Forms – Google Drive’s Hidden Gem 13 minutes

Magic Moment Cloudart

Great Apps to Create Word Clouds on an iPad

Although the sites below refer to another word cloud app, the ideas are GREAT.



Next steps:

  • Complete the digital classroom environment or add more components
  • Create/revise a new lesson where it is most appropriate using the digital classroom environment and reflect on the lesson’s outcome and student responses


Module 4: Creating a Collaborative Classroom


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