Module 8

School2Home Program: Day-to-Day

Module objectives: teachers will
  • think differently about their classroom and instructional activities.
  • choose a few 1-to-1 strategies that they find useful to their teaching style.
  • understand TPACK taxonomies and choose a few learning activities that they find useful in their teaching style.
  • plan/revise another lesson that uses TPACK taxonomy strategies that best suit the teacher’s instructional and student learning styles.
  • use the lesson and reflect and its presentation and outcomes

A successful 1-to-1 middle school model
  • Video of Former Maine Governor, describing the 1-to-1 program in his state - YouTube video
Positive transformation
  • As an entire group, teachers brainstorm concerns regarding the School2Home program.
  • In pairs, teachers transform the concerns into positive actions.
Success breeds success - Teachers work in pairs to review model 1-to-1 programs in action and share with the group.
  • Maine 1-to-1 videos on DVD with interviews with administrators and teachers.
  • Tech and Learning article - One to One Computing and Classroom Management
  • Edutopia’s Ten Top Tips for Teaching with New Media
  • K12 converge article

Introduction to TPACK taxonomies for diversity of classroom instructional activities
Magic Moment - Poll Everywhere
Postal Reminder 
  • At the end, teachers identify specific actions and/or changes that they will personally implement. They will write them down on a self-addressed postcard.
  • An administrator will mail the postcards to teacher later in the year as a friendly reminder.

Next Steps:
  • Teachers reflect on the module's objectives and how they apply to their teaching practice
  • Teachers create/adapt a lesson using the lesson template, implementing TPACK and 1-to-1 strategies and reflect on its success.
  • Teachers try additional TPACK and 1-to-1 strategies and discuss their benefit(s).

Follow Up Suggestions:
  • Teachers continue departmental discussions and have professional development with the TPACK taxonomies.
  • Coaches offer further discussion of 1-to-1 strategies that could be implemented in all School2Home classrooms.
  • Teachers continue to share resources and experiences with other School2Home colleagues and teachers throughout the state of CA at the Brokers of Expertise website


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