Module 7

Digital Citizenship

Module objectives: Teacher will
  • become familiar with resources for helping student become good digital citizens.
  • decide how to best work with students on the various DC topics so that all of them have been presented.
  • consider ways to incorporate DC curriculum as part of an academic lesson.
  • create a plan for DC curriculum delivery.

Lingo Bingo 
  • Teachers play Lingo Bingo and prizes are awarded to the first four winners.
Preliminary Digital Citizenship Discussion
  • Digital Footprint Animation - Common Sense Media and the Teaching Channel video
  • Table Discussion
    • How do students use the Internet?
    • What do we mean when we talk about Digital Citizenship (DC)?
    • Do you think your students are informed digital citizens?
    • Are you students being safe while online?
    • What DC curriculum are you implementing at your site?
  • Presentation of the Digital Citizenship instruction required by the state and E-rate for CIPA compliance.
  • Introduction to the Common Sense Media's Child Information Protection Act (CIPA) teacher toolkit
    • Facilitator shows the CIPA toolkit introductory video.
    • In grade level groups, teachers review the complete lessons in this toolkit.
Further investigation into DC topics- Since School2Home students have 24/7 access to technology devices, the Common Sense Media CIPA teacher toolkit does not cover all the topics needed by a daily technology-using student. Further investigation is needed.
Brainstorm - How to deliver DC lessons - School2Home lesson plan template
  • Teachers discuss Digital Citizenship curriculum delivery at the site.
Magic Moment - Vocaroo, easiest audio voice recording online tool

Next steps:
  • Teachers reflect on the module's objectives and how they apply to their teaching practice.
  • Incorporate Digital Citizenship curriculum into classroom instruction.

Follow-up suggestions:
  • The school sets a schedule for the delivery of the Digital Citizenship curriculum.
  • Teachers investigate other Digital Citizenship resources by searching the School2Home database.
  • Coaches offer additional professional development on this topic.
  • Teachers continue to share resources and experiences with other School2Home colleagues and teachers throughout the state of CA at the Brokers of Expertise website.


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