Module 6

Alternative Instructional Practices

Module objectives: Teachers will
  • become familiar with the concepts of blended learning and flipped classrooms.
  • create an instructional video for possible inclusion in a flipped or blended lesson/unit.
  • become familiar with rotation as a good blended learning strategy.

Introduction to Blended Learning
Planning a Rotation Experience
  • The facilitator presents a classroom rotation model - one method for blended learning that could be used at middle school
  • In department group pairs, teachers plan a 3-station rotation for one class period.
Introduction to screencasting
  • Sharing of sample screencasts
  • Demonstration of a screencast creation, using Screencastify or Screenomatic.
  • Creation of a screencast by teachers, which they may upload to their teacher website.
Magic Moment - Glogster
  • Glogster - graphic blog, which mixes Web, images, text, music and video.
Introduction to the Flipped Classroom

Next steps:
  • Teachers reflect on the module's objectives and how they apply to their teaching practice
  • Teachers create/revise a few lessons, using the lesson template, with the rotation map included.
  • Teachers present the lessons and reflect on their success.
  • Teachers continue using a rotation method for differentiation and student-engaged learning.

Follow-up suggestions:
  • Coaches continue conversations about blended and flipped classroom, providing implementation models.
  • Site coaches provides professional development about other tools available for screencasting.
  • School site coaches offers professional development or other methods of providing resources to teachers regarding blended learning and flipped classroom.
  • Teachers continue to share resources and experiences with other School2Home colleagues and teachers throughout the state of CA at the Brokers of Expertise website


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