Module 4

A Collaborative Classroom

Module objectives: Teachers will
  • become familiar with digital classrooms.
  • think of alternatives to paper and think of ways to go paperless.
  • create a collaborative environment for students.

Option 1: Google Docs Classroom
Introduction to the Digital Classroom 
introduction to Google Docs
Introduction of other Google Forms
  • Using Forms - a YouTube video
  • Variety of question types
  • Ways of sending forms
  • Shortening form URLs
  • Forms as gradable quizzes with Flubaroo
Magic Moment - Wordle

Option 2: The Edmodo Classroom
Introduction to the Digital Classroom 
Introduction to Edmodo    
Hands-on Edmodo
  • Teachers join the School2Home Edmodo group, once given the group code.
  • Teachers complete and hand it the posted assignment and take the poll.
  • Teachers view the results of the poll and the assignments drop box feature.
  • Each teacher creates at least one Edmodo group environment, including a calendar with posted events, an assignment, and a poll. Support websites:
  • Each teacher links the Edmodo class to his/her teacher webpage.
Magic Moment - Wordle

Next steps:
  • Teachers reflect on the module's objectives and how they apply to their teaching practice.
  • Complete the digital classroom environment or add more components.
  • Create/revise a new lesson, using the lesson template, where it is most appropriate using the digital collaborative classroom environment and reflect on the lesson’s outcome and student responses.

Follow-up suggestions for Google - The school site offers professional Development on the following topics:
  • Google spreadsheets
  • Self-grading quizzes with Google spreadsheets
  • Setting up classroom folders and assignment folders
  • Google school community
Follow-up suggestions for Edmodo:
  • Coaches offer periodic professional development on the use of the Edmodo and its feature
  • The schoolsite administrators provide opportunities for additional lesson modification using the collaborative Edmodo environment.
  • Teachers continue to share resources and experiences with other School2Home colleagues and teachers throughout the state of CA at the Brokers of Expertise website


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