Module 3

Common Core State Standards and Student-Engaged Learning

Module objectives:  Teachers will
  • become familiar with CCSS and technology support in meeting them.
  • create/revise a lesson focusing on student engagement and the new CCS standards
  • become familiar with ways to improve content vocabulary by using technology tools.

Introduction to CCSS


Common Core State Standards Testing

  • Teachers review sample questions and CCSS standards: ELA sample test questions reviewed by ELA, Social Studies, Special Ed, elective teachers; Math sample test questions reviewed by math, Science, and PE teachers.
  • Pair-share - Teachers discuss the following questions:
    • How do these sample questions differ from the previous testing questions?
    • What do the new standards require of students and teachers?
    • Where are you along the CCSS timeline?
Magic Moment - Web 2.0 tool   Popular web 2.0 tools
Introduction to Gooru
  • The Teacher toolkit - teachers examine and practice the three steps (discover, organize, and teach) to creating a Gooru collection.
  • Teachers create another collection for a topic that they will be teaching in the near future. Gooru tutorial available here.
CCSS Lesson Planning - Teachers are aware that in order to meet CCSS standards they will revise/create lessons with greater student involvement in their own learning and the teacher's role as facilitator.
  • Facilitator shows the lesson-planning template that teachers can use to prepare their CCSS lessons.
  • Teaching Channel - great resource for lesson plans, video, etc. in support of CCSS.
  • Gooru has teacher-made collections that could be an asset to lesson planning after standards have been unpacked.

Next Steps:
  • Teachers reflect on the module's objectives and how they apply to their teaching practice.
  • Teachers continue to create Gooru collections to support student learning.
  • Teachers use the lesson created/modified and reflect on its presentation and outcome.
Follow-up Suggestions:
  • Teachers continue further departmental discussions about using technology in this School2Home program in support of student achievement of CCSS.
  • Coaches provide opportunities for additional lesson modification with the template provided.
  • Teachers continue to share resources and experiences with other School2Home colleagues and teachers throughout the state of CA at the Brokers of Expertise website


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