Module 1

Introduction to School2Home

Module objectives: Teachers will
  • become familiar with the School2Home Program.
  • review the Student/Parent School2Home handbook.
  • create a teacher website to improve parent engagement.
  • create a School2Home work plan.

Did You Know - Shift Happens  2012 YouTube video. This video sets the stage for discussions regarding student learning and 21st Century skill building to meet Common Core State Standards and career and college readiness.
1-to-1 Know/Want to Know 
  • Teachers collaboratively complete a chart regarding what they know and what they want to know about the School2Home program.
  • The facilitator and site administrator answer questions regarding what the teachers 'want to know'.
  • The facilitator presents the School2Home goals and professional development summaries.
School2Home Teacher Work Plan 
  • Teachers complete a work plan for the external evaluators regarding what they hope to accomplish as a teacher in the School2Home program.
Family Handbook Review
  • The facilitator highlights the important aspects of the School2Home Family Handbook.
  • The facilitator and site administrator answer all questions regarding the program and the student technology devices.
  • The facilitator share School2Home goals.
  • The facilitator shares Professional development desired outcomes.
  • The facilitator explains that NETS projects and NETS*S as the framework for modules.
Teachers' online presence
  • Brainstorm activity:
    • What should be included in a teacher website?
    • How often should the website be updated?
  • Website creation:
    • Teacher develop their website using Google site template, which will be posted at the school site and School2Home.
Magic Moment is an introduction to a tool that could be useful to students and teachers.  The facilitator will demonstrate the tool and possible uses. Further investigation and professional development on the tool is left to the teachers and the school staff.
  • Teachers reflect on the module's objectives and how they apply to their teaching practice.
  • Teachers are to bring a lesson that will be transformed in Module 3.
  • Teachers are to continue to add to their website home page at least once a week.
Follow-up suggestions:
  • Teachers join the School2Home group at the Brokers of Expertise website and share resources and experiences with other School2Home colleagues and teachers throughout the state of CA.
  • The site coach offers Animoto Professional Development.
  • The site coach offers Professional Development on Google sites to further develop the teacher site and to discuss teacher/parent use of the teacher website
  • Department chairpeople add regular conversations on using the School2Home website - at departmental meetings for 10-15 minutes.
  • Administrators make School2Home a standing item at each staff meeting. Topics could be a best practice or a problem that needs resolution.


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