Maclay Module 3

CCSS and Student Engagement ~ Maclay Middle School - May 2, 2015

The School2Home program is all about student achievement, career and college readiness. Therefore, it is logical to begin student achievement conversations by looking at the Common Core State Standards and the technology that can support student achievement of CCSS.
Objectives: Teachers will

  • become familiar with CCSS and technology support in meeting them.
  • create/revise a lesson focusing on student engagement and the new CCS standards
  • become familiar with ways to improve content vocabulary by using technology tools.
Activity Handouts/Resources

Story from Sara Armstrong

Whip around introductions, name, subject taught, one thing others don’t know about you.  No more that 30 sec per person


Overview of School2Home


Agustin Urgiles



S2H Overview

Common Core Standards - what do you really know about CCSS

Activity: Starter Quiz

Google form: Click on the link at the right and take the quiz!


  • Are you using CCSS now?

  • Are you teaching differently?

  • Have you seen the sample questions?

Google Form

CCSS and Maclay

Unpacking a Standard:

  • What does that mean?

  • How can you do it?

  • What does it mean to develop student skills to address the standard?

Teacher discussion about what they saw/heard!

CCSS requires the use of technology in order for students to be successful in achieving them.  Technology and CCSS  (this is 2:21 minutes long) is a resource for your use.


CCSS testing - what do you know about the types of questions being created for CCSS testing

CCSS Activity 1: Review sample questions and CCSS standards with technology components highlighted:

ELA: by ELA, SS, Special Ed, elective teachers

Math: by math, Science, and PE teachers

CCSS Activity 2: Pair-share

  • How do these sample questions differ from the previous standardized testing questions you required students to do?

  • Where are you  in implementing the CCSS standards?

  • What do the standards require of students and teachers?

  • What will you do to prepare students for CCSS testing?

The 55 critical CCSS vocabulary words

Common Core in Middle school (14:08 min):

Sample questions for ELA:

Sample math items:

Magic Moment - Ed Puzzle  

Introduction to Gooru

1) Introduction to the Teacher toolkit - teachers examine and practice the three steps (discover, organize, and teach) to creating a Gooru collection.

2)Teachers create another collection for a topic that they will be teaching in the near future.



CCSS lessons - teacher awareness that their lesson planning will require greater student involvement in learning and the teacher’s role as a facilitator.

CCSS Lesson Planning Activity: introduction to lesson planning with templates.

Facilitator shows the lesson planning template that teachers can use to prepare their CCSS lessons.

Check out CCSS Appendix B:

Lesson plan creation/modification: Teachers create/adapt a lesson with focus on CCSS, SBAC, and using technology to support success.

Lesson template
Standards support:  Teaching channel


See below for template link

Share out and evaluation.  
Discussion: S2H Home Page, resources, modules; talk about future sessions.  



For iPads:

Web 2.0 tools

Kathy Schrocks iPads for Learning  page

Pins for iPad compatible apps

Next Steps:

Teachers reflect on the module's objectives and how they apply to their teaching practice.
  • Teachers create a content dictionary with students.
  • Teachers use the lesson created/modified and reflect on its presentation and outcome.

Follow-up Suggestions:

  • Teachers continue further departmental discussions about using technology in this School2Home program in support of student achievement of CCSS.
  • Coaches provide opportunities for additional lesson modification with the template provided.
  • Teachers continue to share resources and experiences with other School2Home colleagues and teachers.


Module 3: CCSS and Student Engagement



Maclay Frayer Model Lesson Plan Sheet


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