Lovonya DeJean Module 7

Module 7 - Digital Citizenship
DeJean Middle School ~ Nov. 19, 2014

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Teacher website: http://www.school2home.org/lovonya_dejean_middle_school

Objectives: Teacher will:

  • become familiar with resources for helping student become good digital citizens
  • decide how to best work with students on the various DC topics so that all of them have been presented. 
  • consider ways to incorporate DC curriculum as part of an academic lesson.
  • create a plan for Digital Citizenship curriculum delivery.


Handouts / resources

Intro Video:  What is Digital Citizenship? 5:18


  • How do students use the Internet?

  • What do we mean when we talk about Digital Citizenship?

  • Do you think your students are informed about DC?

  • Are you students being safe while online?

  • What DC curriculum do you have at your site?

  • What concerns are there when devices are also used at home?

What is Digital Citizenship? Video

Discussion and Activity  (Chart It)

You Chart It resources


Activity:  Investigation of other Common Sense Media (CMS) lessons and other resources (and share out)


  • Digital Jigsaw--Cyber Bullying, Copyright, Digital Reputation
  • Also Digital Bytes (NEW!)
  • Brain Pop Netiquette (Ed1Stop)
  •  Teachers spend some time looking at the rest of the curricula provided by CSM and LAUSD and complete the group evaluation.
At tables, teachers discuss if and how these topics are being presented to students now.

Divide into groups and have each report out.

CSM Scope and Sequence


Link to Digital Bytes


Google doc for resource evaluations

Activity: Digital Footprint Animation

Digital Footprint animation



Activity: Brainstorming - How to deliver DC lessons

Include:  share Absolute LoJack video and OnGuardOnline.gov Student Booklets

  • Facilitator sets table groups  Show the LoJack to classes
  • Each table discusses how to deliver DC curriculum, thinking outside the box. (Example, flipping the Common Sense Media lesson)
  • The group comes to consensus on best delivery method(s)

Student Video  Absolute Safe Schools

OnGuard Student Booklets

Discussion of requirements from the state and E-rate

E-rate compliance website for teachers

CIPA FCC Guidelines

Activity: Magic Moment NSTeens



Feedback to Presenters

Next PD Session for DeJean - January 28, 2014

Workshop Feedback Form


Next steps:

Incorporate Digital Citizenship topics into school curriculum.


Follow-up suggestions:

School sets a schedule for the delivery of the DC curriculum.
Teachers investigate other DC tools by searching the S2H database.

Additional Resources for DeJean


Additional PD on this topic

Ed1stop Resources



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