Leataata Floyd Module 4

Creating a Digital Collaborative Classroom

Objectives: Teachers will

  • become more familiar with digital classrooms.
  • explore websites that promote collaboration.
  • discuss strategies for enhancing a collaborative environment for students.

Option 1: Google

Activity Handouts/Resource
Hands-0n Activity for Collaborative Classroom http://www.jokes4us.com

Introduction to digital classroom

Watch the videos; talk with a partner about the points made in the video. Which are you already doing? What might you want to add?


Will Greer:

Helping All Kids Achieve: Classroom Environment


Explore: Collaborative Classroom sites – 

Part 1

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence:

[email protected]

Explore: Collaborative Classroom sites – 

Part 2

Global SchoolNet Foundation


Google Drive - Evolution of the Desk video
Teachers add to their Reflections doc with ideas about collaborating between classrooms, beyond the school, etc. Google Docs account

Google Forms:

Teachers create a form to survey parents. Or a quiz. Or some other document….

Google Drive Tutorial: Creating a Form and Adding Questions / Lynda.com


Magic Moment Cloudart

Although the sites below refer to another word cloud app, the ideas are GREAT.

The Tech Lady: Word Cloud Generators for Google Chromebooks




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