Leataata Floyd Module 1

Oct. 21
Module 1: Introduction to the School2Home Program

Objectives: Teachers will
● become familiar with the School2Home project, the website, and resources available there.
● learn about tools for implementing 1:1 technology.
● learn to use various technology resources.

Activity Handouts/Resources

Opening Activities:

●      Storytime for adults  

●      How it all starts- School2Home Video 

“Empowering Students; Transforming Lives” video: 9 minutes

(Available at http://www.school2home.org/s2hvideo)

Pre-survey School2Home Teacher Pre-Survey

Intro to Google Drive and Google Docs


K/W Activity: Group K/W/L (Know and Want to know) about incorporating 1:1 with standards

Help: http://learn.googleapps.com/products/docs/get-started/


K/W/L Google doc chart

Overview of S2H website; more in-depth re: resources


Teacher Lesson Plan Activity: Charting Out a Start-of-Year activity

Paper copies

web template  Must be downloaded to your computer

Magic Moment:  Demonstration of the tool and possible uses.  Explore on your own during the coming weeks. Wonderopolis


Next Action Steps:

 Need more help with Google Drive and Google Docs?          

52 Tips and Tricks for Google Docs in the Classroom

Google Docs: Grading Tips and Tricks

Just Show Me: How to Use Google Docs                     

Google Docs Tutorial

Using Google Docs for Collaborative Work

How To: Quick Tutorial for the New Google Drive (2015)        


Module 1: An Introduction to School2Home



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