Leataata Floyd Elementary

Leataata Floyd School2Home Professional Development 2015-2016







This web site will serve as a landing spot for all of the 2015-16 School2Home professional development sessions. All of the agendas and links are posted here so that materials could be easily reviewed. Each of the links below take you to the general S2H curriculum but the module titles in the upper horizontal tab bar were customized for Leataata Floyd staff members. For convenience, the tabs will be by date until the end of the year, when they will be reconfigured to reflect the module numbers.

Module 1 : Introduction to the School2Home program
Module 2 : Parent Engagement
Module 3 : Pedagogical Content & Student-Engaged Learning
Module 4 : A Collaborative Classroom
Module 5 : ISTE Standards
Module 6 : Alternative Instructional Strategies
Module 7 : Digital Citizenship
Module 8 : Daily Activities

Have a great resource that you want added to the web site? Just email Sara Armstrong <[email protected]> or Ann Kruze <[email protected]> and we will add it.



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