JESD Module 5/6

Welcome to Modules 5/6!

Modules 5/6 provides you an opportunity to explore the TPACK framework and how it might support the evolution of your teaching practice. TPACK stands for Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge and is regarded by many as a useful model for considering HOW to integrate WHICH technologies to support student learning of content (and skills) and effective instruction (pedagogy) by teachers.

Modules 5/6 also provide an opportunity to explore flipped learning and begin (or continue and deepen) your practice using this methodology. 

Through participating in this School2Home module, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Explore and deepen your knowledge and understanding of the TPACK framework/model.

  • Explore and deepen your knowledge and understanding of flipped learning.

  • Consider the interrelationships and interplay between content, pedagogy and technology as drivers for the design of learning experiences.

When you've successfully completed this module, you should be able to:

  • Describe the structure and purpose of the TPACK model

  • Describe the design and use of flipped learning

  • Understand how TPACK supports educators to evolve their practice by exploring the interrelationships of pedagogy, technology and content knowledge, and

  • Be able to convey how you yourself would use a TPACK approach to improve your practice designing and facilitating learning experiences. 



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