Going Further with G Suite: Collaboration and Assessment

The functionality available via G Suite apps, along with add-ons and extensions, is providing new possibilities for collaboration, reflection, feedback and assessment. 

The two educators below, Alice Keeler and Catlin Tucker, are exemplar educators who have used Google/G Suite very effectively to engage, assess and support their students. Choose one of these two educators, explore their approaches and solutions, and see how you might implement an appropriate one into your practice.  Feel free to use the examples provided, OR to navigate each educator's site to find one of your own preference. 


Alice Keeler, G Suite Whiz!  Catlin Tucker, Middle School ELA Tech-Savvy Teacher
Screen_Shot_Alice_Keeler_banner.png Screen_Shot_Catlin_Tucker_banner.png
Alice provides webinars and lots of "how to" articles. She does an awful lot with using Google Sheets for assessment and managing learner workflow. 
Here's a great example of one of her guides, Google Forms: Creating Formative Assessment Quizzes
Catlin provides blog articles and solutions for using tech while teaching writing. Here's an insightful article on her approach to assessment and editing.



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