Going Further with G Suite: Add-Ons & Extensions

Add-Ons, Extensions and Apps, OH MY! 


You can find Apps and Extensions in the Chrome Web Store. You can add Add-ons from within a Google Doc. 







Chrome Apps are applications that integrate into your Chrome browser and provide extended functionality. 
Example: LucidChart
Think of extensions as little "helper apps" that have a more narrowly focused set of functionality than a full-blown app. 
Example: OneTab
 Screen_Shot_LucidCharts_logo.png  Screen_Shot_OneTab_banner.png
LucidChart is a very useful diagramming app. 
INTERACTIVITY: Explore other apps your district has already licensed and integrated via G Suite, or prospective apps that you feel might be useful/helpful to you, your learners, your colleagues, the district. 
OneTab helps manage demands on memory and tab clutter in your Chrome browser. 
INTERACTIVITY: Explore other extensions that you feel would solve a problem you (or your students) have grappled with, or that provides an opportunity to enhance/improve what you can do via your Chrome browser to support your productivity or learning, or that of your learners.
   Embedded, on-demand solution for learning about Google right where you are using it. Find it in the Chrome Store. 



Similar to extensions, add-ons provide targeted functionality for processes that link into G Suite apps and Google Drive. You "add" or invoke these add-ons from within a particular Google Drive app, such as Docs or Sheets. 
Example: Table of Contents
Table of Contents provides the ability to generate an ToC/Outline of headers in your document, up to 6 levels deep, to assist in navigating throughout a document. 
And in the realm of "things are always changing..." let's look at EasyBib, an automatic bibliography citation generator available as an add-on for Google Docs! Format in MLA, APA, Harvard, and over 7K more styles. 
EasyBib has evolved from an add-on to a full-fledged solution, more like an app, implemented at the school or district level. Details at http://info.easybib.com/easybib-edu. 
INTERACTIVITY: Explore (and add on!) other add-ons that you feel will enhance your use of G Suite apps such as Docs or Sheets. 
BONUS: Ready/want to go deeper? Explore the high-powered add-ons available via New Visions Cloud Lab.



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