Digital Citizenship Curriculum & Resources

Common Sense Media (which includes Common Sense Education) is an incredibly thoughtful organization when it comes to Digital Citizenship and other topics related to technology and media. 


INTERACTIVITY: Digital Citizenship Resource Exploration
First, take some time to explore Common Sense Media's Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence (leftmost column below)
Next, explore either CSM's Digital Bytes OR the BrainPOP Netiquette solution. 
Common Sense Media's Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence Common Sense Media's Digital Bytes BrainPOP Netiquette
After scanning the curriculum contents, consider going deep into one or more lessons. You might also consider how you would approach using one of these lessons in your own learning space, with your own learners. CSM describes Digital Bytes as ideal for "...blended-learning classrooms that need short, relevant activities that teach digital citizenship and critical thinking about media consumption and creation." How might you incorporate these "snippets" into learning activities in your learning space?" BrainPOP provides animated vignettes on several digital citizenship topics. What is your response to, your perception of the animated presentation approach and how it might work for your learners? 


 Screen_Shot_CSM_8_DC_topics.png       Screen_Shot_CSM_Digital_Bytes_banner.png   Screen_Shot_BrainPOP_Netiquette.png


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