Developing *Your* TPACK

Now it's your turn! Read the instructions below and submit your work as an "onscreen submission" using a text box. 

Using the Learning Activity Type and Taxonomy model from TPACK, identify and focus on at least one learning activity that you would like to use with your learners GOING FORWARD, with a technology element included. (Feel free to use a LAT from one of Harris and Hofer's taxonomies (Links to an external site.)or to specify your own.)

Using the taxonomy table format (see below), think through and complete a row of information that connects your chosen learning activity (and its brief description) with possible technologies/technology types, and (ideally, if known or if you can research and identify) a specific technology solution you would consider using. Remember to consider your context when making your selections.

Activity Type

Brief Description

Possible Technologies

Specific Technology Solutions

When you've sketched out your LAT with technology, enter it in the Google Form below. 


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