Crozier Module 7

Moving Towards Personalized Learning

April 5, 2017



Teachers will:

  • Explore foundational concepts for personalizing, differentiated, and individualized learning.
  • Explore TPACK


Activity Handouts/Resources
Welcome back!  
Discussion: How did implementation of the lesson or activity you created last time go?  

Introduction to differentiation, individualization, and personalization

Activity: What are the differences? Recreating the PID Chart

Article FYI

Discussion—What’s right for you and your students?

Barbara Bray’s PID Chart

Personalized vs Differentiated vs Individualized Learning

Intro to TPACK


Activity: Explore the TPACK Activity Types

Discussion: How might you use TPACK in a lesson?

TPACK Activity Types

Video: TPACK Judi Harris

Video: TPACK in 2 Minutes

“Grounded” Technology Integration: Instructional Planning Using Curriculum-Based Activity Type Technologies, Harris  and Hofer, et al.

Discussion: Review of Student-Centered Learning: Why we do what we do!  


 Module 7: Moving Towards Personalized Learning



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