Crozier Module 6


Designing Engaging Student Learning Experiences, Part 2

February 17, 2017



Teachers will:

  • Review resources that address CCSS expectations, SAMR Model, and ISTE standards as they relate to goals for teaching and learning.
  • Create/revise a lesson to incorporate some of the standards in a more student-centered approach, including addressing SAMR and providing the rationale for the SAMR level.
  • Present the lesson for feedback.


Activity Handouts/Resrouces
Welcome back! Review of Assignment  


Work with a partner to develop or create your lesson, aligning it with CCSS and SAMR using the SAMR Lesson Planning Template in Google Docs.

Share your work in a Google slide deck.

Be prepared to offer constructive advice to your colleagues in their presentations.

Google Drive

Magic Moment:

Common Sense Media: The EdTech Eleven


Please go to your Google Drive, open a document, and answer the following questions:

* What were the most interesting parts of today’s work?

* What do you want to learn more about?

* What was the biggest challenge?

When you are finished, please share it with Sara Armstrong at [email protected]

Google Drive

 Module 6: Designing Engaging Students Learning Experiences, Part 2



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