Crozier Module 4

January 27, 2017


Module 4 - Creating a Digital Collaborative Classroom


Objectives: Teachers will

  • become familiar with digital classrooms.
  • create a collaborative environment for students.
  • become more familiar with Google Forms, Slides, Docs


Activity Handouts/Resources

Introduction to the collaborative digital classroom

          Changes in the Desktop


 Discuss with shoulder buddy how this video relates to your own workspace at home/school and your students workspace at home/school


 Report out from members of the group.

Evolution of the desk

Hands On Activities for the Collaborative Classroom

* Questions and Answers


Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence:


[email protected]


DePaul Teaching Commons: Teaching Guides

Google Forms: A new best friend


Chocolate chip cookie slam: click on the URL to the right and fill out the form


Google Forms a teacher/student connection


Other Google Tools

  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides



Create a Google Form, Doc, or Slide deck on a topic of your choosing. Prepare to share it with your colleagues.

Friday Taste Test


Teacher/Student Connection   3:06


Tutorials on the web that are current and good


Google Forms – Google Drive’s Hidden Gem 13 minutes


Other interesting Wordle like resources

Tagxedo will make specific shapes out of your word lists -- like a US map

10 Really Good Site to Create Word Clouds  to/


 Please follow the link to the right and fill in your answers to the questions.



Next steps:

  • Complete the digital classroom environment or add more components

Create/revise a new lesson where it is most appropriate using the digital classroom environment and reflect on the lesson’s outcome and student response.

Module 4: Creating a Digital Collaborative Classroom



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