Crozier Module 1

November 9, 2016
Introduction to the School2Home Program

Objectives: Teachers will
● become familiar with the School2Home project, the website, and resources available there.
● explore the SAMR model.
● apply the SAMR model to a lesson or activity


Activity Handouts/Spacing
Crozier Middle School School2Home Site
Icebreaker How is your object like a Chromebook in the classroom?

Opening Activities:

●      Storytime for adults  

●      How it all starts- School2Home Video

Empowering Students; Transforming Lives

(Available at the School2Home website,

Pre-survey School2Home Teacher Pre-Survey

Overview of S2H website; more in-depth re: resources


S2H Program Components


Google Doc of resources


Digital Collaboration Document Click on the link and write your "finds" in one of the rows.


OR   Create a New document; note resources you found valuable; share it.


Short Break  


Learning Activity using SAMR

Identify the level; talk with a partner

Build a SAMR ladder

Video: The SAMR Model Explained By Students



Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything: SAMR and Bloom's


Hooked on Innovation:


Share in the group

Magic Moment Wonderopolis
Reflection Start a Google Doc for your reflections about each Module. What did you learn? What do you want to do next?
A return to the story: how did it relate to this morning’s work? Share in the group
Lunch 45 minutes


Module 1: An Introduction to School to Home


Next Action Steps:

       Need more help with Google Drive and Google Docs?          

                       52 Tips and Tricks for Google Docs in the Classroom

                       Google Docs: Grading Tips and Tricks

                       Just Show Me: How to Use Google Docs                     

                       Google Docs Tutorial

                       Using Google Docs for Collaborative Work

                       How To: Quick Tutorial for the New Google Drive (2015)       



KWL chart


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