Creating Digital Content for Flipped Learning

As you've seen, creating videos to share content and information is a very common approach within the flipped learning model. Not that videos are the only way...

In fact, the folks at Flipped Learning Network recently published "12 Ways to Create Digital Learning Content:", and as of January 22, 2017, were up to #11, “Drawing Notes“ from an article by Brian Bennett. 

Here's the previous 10: 

  1. Screencasting!
  2. Narrating over PowerPoint
  3. The low-tech FIZZ method
  4. The web app mysimpleshow
  5. The “high tech” approach of using a light board (not necessarily as challenging as you might think)
  6. Blendspace (tool for assembling digital lesson content
  7. The rather unique approach of using Adobe Connect 
  9. The good old Learning Management or Course Management system 
  10. EdPuzzle

Over time, as you would expand your repertoire of approaches for creating digital content, you might well incorporate some of these. 


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