Championing Digital Citizenship As A Teacher

Especially now, in these digital times, in this digital world, the need to guide and support our youth to evolve into thoughtful and productive citizens and users of technology is clear and imperative. 

Occasional opportunities to develop as digital citizens are helpful to our young learners. Going deeper and further, however, we as educators have an opportunity to promote positive, powerful digital citizenship on an ongoing basis. 

Choose one of the two article options below to read and reflect upon before a final reflection for our learning on this topic today. 


ARTICLE #1: DON’T TEACH DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP — EMBED IT! ARTICLE #2: How You Can Become a Champion of Digital Citizenship in Your Classroom
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By Heather Marrs 9/9/2016

As experienced teachers, we’ve been conditioned to reach for curriculum when we have something new to bring to the classroom. But as digital age educators, we also know that kids do best when they can learn something authentically, by figuring out their own answers to real-world problems that are relevant to their lives. You can’t teach everything this way, of course, but some concepts — especially those that students will use in their day-to-day lives, now and in the future — lend themselves well to the authentic learning approach.


By Kayla Delzer (Columnist) Jun 25, 2015

My students often travel with me when I lead professional development at conferences. A few weeks ago, eight-year-old Carson Griffin (pictured here to the right) was helping me lead a session for teachers on “iPads for Elementary Learners,” and we were talking about our classroom Twitter account as it applies to digital citizenship. I called Carson to the front of the room to share his thoughts on Digital Citizenship, and his response gave me goosebumps.



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[email protected] Citizenship Summary Policy pointers and definitions, mainly useful to construct district policies



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