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Welcome Parents!

School2Home is partnering with schools serving low-income students, to help inform students and their families of Reduced-Cost Internet Offers and free Chromebooks. 

Some of the Internet offers are available for as little as $10 a month!

Computers are available with some offers while supplies lasts!

Why do we do this?  One of the best ways to ensure your child succeeds in school is by having a Home Internet connection!  It costs less than purchasing data for your mobile phone.  A Home Internet connection can help your child do online research for a school essay, complete online college applications, and explore the online world for information that may help them succeed at school and in life!  With a Home Internet connection, you will be able to communicate with the school or teacher directly, through translation apps if needed, and receive updates on your child’s progress in school. 

It can be time-consuming to select the right Internet service for your family!  Companies often try to sell you services you don’t need.  We work with trusted, vendor-neutral, community-based organizations to help you sign-up for an Internet plan and avoid being over-charged!

Links below provide detailed flyers with information on low-cost Internet offers in California. All flyers are in English and Spanish.

Note: Fresno, Inyo, and Tulare Counties refer to the Northern California flyers.  Kern, Kings and San Luis Obispo Counties refer to the Southern California flyers.

You call also toll free 1-844-841- 4636 to see if you qualify for the low-cost offers.  If you do qualify, the representative at the toll-free number will connect you with a School2Home trusted community-based organization partner.  The representative at this number will help you sign-up for affordable broadband with the provider and avoid being overcharged.  

The Buyer’s Guide lists some of free or low-cost computers that are available in your area. 

The Benefits Informant provides a brief over of the available reduced-cost Internet benefits, pricing, and a toll-free number for you to call to learn the in-depth details from a trusted source. 

The Comparison Flyer provides in-depth details on each of the reduced-cost Internet offers including the price, necessary qualifications, the data cap, etc.  

If you prefer to call your provider directly, prepare for the call by checking the below links.

This website helps you find out which Internet Providers are in your area by entering your home address.

  • Note: The low-cost, affordable offers are not listed

This non-profit helps you find out which low-cost Internet and computer offers are available in your area by entering your home address.

  • Note: Note Frontier low-cost offers are not listed
  • Learn helpful tips on how to manage your family’s data usage, secure your privacy and identity online, and protect your children online



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