2019 Leadership Academy Photo Gallery

Enjoy a few snapshots of the School2Home participants working hard and playing hard. 

CETF President and CEO Sunne McPeak greets the participants.

CETF President and CEO Sunne Wright McPeak greets the participants.


School2Home members always hold up their end of the bargain.


Tom Armelino, Executive Director of California Collaborative for Educational Excellence, encourages participants to share their background stories and learn the stories of their students and peers.


Leataata Floyd Elementary principal, Eric Chapman, recounts last year's loss of Mrs. Floyd, the namesake and mother of the school. Her absence and influence will have to be shouldered by school and community members.


The team made sure to acknowledge that it was Valentine's Day.


Techquity expert, Kenneth Shelton, helps participants understand the value of Contemporary Teaching and Learning that is culturally relevant and responsive.


CDE Consultant, Geoff Belleau, focuses intently on school report outs.


Rich Helm of Columbus Middle School works to record his team commitments.


School2Home participants fill a hearing room and are greeted by Assemblymembers Patrick O'Donnell and Ash Kalra.


Assembly Education Committee Chair, Patrick O'Donnell shares his opinion about California public schools.


Fischer Middle School principal, Imee Almazan, introduces Asm. Ash Kalra while Agustin Urgiles looks on.


School2Home Program Manager Agustin Urgiles and Assemblymember Ash Kalra sending the message, "Internet for All Now".


MaCES at Assembly Speaker Rendon's Office.


Senate Education Chair, Connie M. Leyva, demonstrates the "What? No internet?" grimace.


Francisco Canche is making sure that LAUSD's Instructional Technology Initiative is helping to shape School2Home implementation.


Senator Connie Leyva shows her solidarity by posing with Team San Bernardino City Unified.


Front row: Agustin Urgiles, Elaine Carpenter, Sunne Wright McPeak, Raquel Cinat, Nadine Hugg. Middle row: Dino Nartea, Ann Kruze, Renee Hill. Back row: Rosa Guerrero, Seth Hubbert.





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