Module 8

Module 8:  Charting the Future for Academic Success


Module 8 is the culmination of the entire School2Home Professional Learning.  It is an extension of the prior module, where teachers choose a topic on which to concentrate their work.  Also, Module 8 helps teachers develop a vision for their own personal growth and a plan to achieve it. Importantly, this module provides an opportunity for participating teachers to celebrate the conclusion of their School2Home Professional Learning.  It is recommended that at least part of this module be an in-person session.


Learning Objectives

During this module, teachers will review previous learnings and deepen their knowledge to:

  • Amplify their acquired knowledge and skills to construct a learning plan for use in the classroom that employs a different method than used for in Module 7.
  • Work with data to guide progress and refine their program of continuous improvement.
  • Identify organizations and resources that can help them extend their professional practice.
  • Stay current on evidence-based practices that support student outcomes.
  • Use technology to adapt and personalize learning experiences that accommodate student differences and needs.


Targeted Outcomes

Once they have completed this module, teachers will:

  • Understand the pedagogical pillars and frameworks that provide the foundation of technology integration designed to improve student achievement.
  • Apply their learnings in their classrooms to improve student achievement.
  • Constantly evaluate education research on evidence-based interventions.
  • Work with the School Leadership Team to establish measurable goals for improving school culture by engaging students and parents to work together.
  • Celebrate successes.


Sample Performance Indicators

As with Module 7, these are the same as for prior sessions.  In addition:

  • Teachers will enroll in additional technology professional learning programs.


Online Guide for Facilitators


Selected Resources

Below are samples of the resources provided for Module 8, designed to help teachers continue their professional learning.  A variety of certification programs are also identified.

  • CUE Leading Edge Certifications:  A national certification program, with 4 available.
  • ISTEThe International Society for Technology Education provides professional learning networks, advocates for Ed tech, publishes research journals, and holds conferences.
  • iNACOL:  International Association for Online Learning is a non-profit organization for K-12 education focused on online learning.  It provides resources, networking, and conferences.
  • Digital Promise:  A national organization that presents opportunities for micro credentialing on many different aspects of technology-supported education.
  • Google free certification trainings:  Free educator certification offered by Google.  (Payment required to take the exam and get the "official" designation.)


The School2Home Professional Learning Core Component has been designed to help teachers working at low-performing middle schools integrate technology into teaching, learning and parent engagement.  The Learning Modules are flexible and customizable, based on best practices and standards, and address the priorities that California has established for K-12 education. Additionally, the Professional Learning Core Component is strengthened and supported by the rest of the School2Home Core Components.  


Ongoing teacher professional learning is an essential component that must be woven into the fabric of the entire school culture in order to achieve the requisite school transformation.  The School2Home Professional Learning Core Component should not be viewed as an end in itself, but rather as the start of an ongoing process of integrating technology to improve student academic achievement.


#1:  Crosswalk between ISTE and CSTP Standards

#2:  Curriculum Assessment Tool

#3:  Teacher Self Assessment Tool


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