Module 7

Module 7:  Extending Student Digital Learning Experiences


In Module 7, teachers review and revisit techniques and skills presented in other modules.  Mastery of content and skills does not occur through limited exposure but rather from sustained engagement and practice.  This module provides teachers with time to take a deeper dive into previously presented tools and frameworks to reinforce their understanding of technology integration and their confidence in making it work.  Participants are encouraged to choose the concepts or methodologies they wish to go deeper. Thus, objectives, outcomes and performance indicators may vary from teacher to teacher.

Learning Objectives

During this module, teachers have the opportunity to take a closer look at previously discussed concepts including:

  • Digital literacy for teachers, students, families and communities.
  • Applications of the SAMR Model.
  • Use of the “G Suite for Educators” to improve student outcomes.
  • Application of the TPACK Framework to develop powerful learning experiences.
  • Use of “flipped classrooms” as a tool for personalized learning.


Targeted Outcomes

Once teachers have completed this module, they will know how to:

  • Develop a family learning activity around Digital Citizenship.
  • Design a learning experience at a “next up” SAMR level for classroom use.
  • Use all the applications on the “G Suite for Educators.”
  • Apply the TPACK framework for an entire unit of content learning.
  • Mentor colleagues on how to identify, evaluate and adopt a “flipped classroom” strategy.

Sample Performance Indicators

These are the same as for prior sessions, only observed more frequently and comprehensively.  Schools may also identify a set of digital artifacts, or work products, they want students to have developed by the end of the year to demonstrate their learning progress as a result of technology-infused teaching.


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