Module 6

Module 6:  Implementing Digital Pedagogy and Learning (Part II)


Module 6 focuses on the use of “flipped classrooms” as another useful methodology for implementing digital pedagogy.  (In a flipped classroom, students watch pre-recorded videos at home, then come to school to do the homework armed with questions and at least some background knowledge.)  Teachers curate videos developed by others and use a variety of tools to construct their own for use in flipped classrooms.


Learning Objectives

During this module, teachers will be introduced to and explore the following:

  • The definition of a “flipped classroom.”
  • The relationship and interplay between content, pedagogy, and technology as drivers for the design of learning experiences.
  • How to evaluate when it is appropriate to use this approach to personalized learning.
  • A variety of tools and tips for making their own videos.
  • The technical aspects of screencasting and classroom set-up.


Targeted Outcomes

Once they have completed this module, teachers will know how to:

  • Describe the research and reasons for using flipped classrooms.
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of using flipped classrooms in their practice.
  • Make a screencast for use in their classroom.
  • Manage the technical aspects of using screencasting in the classroom.
  • Describe the implications of the Digital Divide in the use of flipped classrooms.


Sample Performance Indicators

  • Teachers develop a screencast for classroom use and post the URL for student access
  • Teachers curate a library of videos, by content area, for use in their own “flipped” setting.
  • Teachers help other teachers develop and use a screencast for use in their classrooms.


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