Module 4

Module 4:  Moving Towards Personalized Learning

Module 4 focuses on ways to use technology to customize learning experiences to meet the specific needs and diverse learning styles of students.  This module provides introductory information on using personalization, individualization and differentiation strategies in the classroom. Teachers are provided an opportunity to explore the digital resources that their school or school district has adopted and to curate their own.


Learning Objectives

During this module, teachers will be introduced to and explore the following:

  • Foundational concepts of personalized learning.
  • Personalization vs. Individualization vs. Differentiation.
  • Software applications that support differentiated learning, especially for high need students and those with special needs.
  • The “G Suite for Education” and its uses in the classroom and beyond.
  • NewsLea, as an example of a tool for personalization.  Each site will focus on the specific tools they are using in their school or district.


Targeted Outcomes

Once they have completed this module, teachers will know how to:

  • Identify strategies for personalization.
  • Discuss the differences between personalized and individualized instruction.
  • Employ personalized strategies in their content area.
  • Use the “G Suite for Education” (or substitute platform) to develop engaging personalized learning.
  • Access NewsEla (or substitute application) and use it in their classrooms.


Sample Performance Indicators

  • Teachers allow students to choose from varied learning tasks for the same standard(s), ideally incorporating student interest.
  • Teachers can mentor their school peers who have not attended the training on how to use differentiated learning resources.
  • Teachers have students working in small groups on real-world problems using a cloud-based work plan management tool


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