Module 3

Module 3:  Embedding Digital Citizenship into Daily Classroom Activities

Module 3 focuses on the importance and multiple dimensions of digital citizenship for teachers, students, and families.  The content and many of the activities for this module have been adapted from the Common Sense Digital Citizenship curriculum for grades 6 to 8.   Schools may elect to have their teachers take the online version of the Common Sense certification program, followed by a meeting with all teachers to develop strategies to manage cyber bullying, Internet safety, and other digital dilemmas, which are also covered in this Learning Module.

Learning Objectives

During this module, teachers will be introduced to and explore the following:

  • The concepts and elements of digital citizenship.
  • The school district policy on digital citizenship.
  • National and local legal frameworks governing the Internet and online content, especially as they relate to youth and schools.
  • Lesson planning that routinely embeds digital empowerment and responsibility.
  • Strategies for avoiding or responding to unpleasant online incidents.

Targeted Outcomes

Once they have completed this module, teachers will know how to:

  • Provide a comprehensive description of digital citizenship concepts to others.
  • Adhere to the district policy and other legal frameworks governing digital citizenship.
  • Embed digital citizenship into academic assignments.
  • Respond to unpleasant online incidents in an appropriate and effective way.
  • Write a student friendly definition of plagiarism.

Sample Performance Indicators

  • Teachers post digital expectations in their classrooms.
  • Teachers routinely embed digital citizenship in their content area projects and assignments.
  • Teachers engage parents to learn digital citizenship tips and tools.

Guide for Facilitators

Selected Resources

Responding to Cyberbullying:


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