Module 2

Module 2:  Harnessing the Power of Parent Engagement and Education


Module 2 focuses on the importance of parent (and family) engagement to maximize student achievement.  Teachers learn about and discuss the significant body of research demonstrating the positive role that parents play on multiple indicators of student outcomes, including grades, test scores, and dropout rates.  Teachers are provided with tools and guidance on how to communicate with parents (both online and in person) and develop goals and activities to effectively engage parents as learning partners.

Learning Objectives

During this module, teachers will be introduced to and explore the following:

  • Research on the impact of parent engagement and student outcomes.
  • The School2Home Parent Training Component.
  • The difference between parent involvement and engagement.
  • Culturally sensitive engagement strategies to meet the diversity of the families they serve.
  • Technologies that support parent engagement.


Targeted Outcomes

Once they have completed this module, teachers will know how to:

  • Explain the research supporting the effectiveness of engaging parents to increase student achievement.
  • Describe the School2Home Parent Engagement Component and how it will be implemented.
  • Differentiate parent involvement from parent engagement and set appropriate goals for their practice.
  • Develop a culturally appropriate introduction of themselves to parents that initiates further communication and establish a welcoming environment to their classroom.
  • Use different technologies to support parent engagement.


Sample Performance Indicators

  • Teachers keep a log of digital interactions with the parents of their students.
  • Teachers can present their colleagues a short case study on the use of a parent strategy.
  • Teachers review and provide input on the parent engagement approach of their school.


Online Guide for Facilitators


Selected Resources:

Family Engagement Resource Roundup:


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