Module 1

Module 1:  Understanding School2Home and Digital Literacy

Module 1 focuses on the importance of digital literacy for teachers, students, families, and communities and introduces teachers to School2Home and how it will be implemented at their school.  They also are introduced to the Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition (SAMR) model, which is used as a guiding tool throughout all of the professional learning.

Learning Objectives

During this module, teachers will be introduced to and explore the following:

  • Digital literacy as a critical skill in the world today.
  • Definitions of digital literacy.
  • School2Home Goals, 10 Core Components, resources and work plan.
  • The ISTE Standards for Teachers and Students.
  • The SAMR Model for integrating technology into teaching and learning.

Targeted Outcomes

Once teachers have completed this module, they will know how to:

  • Define digital literacy as it relates to their teaching practice.
  • Describe the School2Home intervention and the way it is being implemented at their school.
  • Apply the SAMR model to the design of their lesson planning.
  • Engage students in collaborative projects.
  • Integrate the active use of technology into their practice on a daily basis.

Sample Performance Indicators

  • Teachers can provide a concise overview of School2Home to colleagues, including how it will support student achievement.
  • Teachers can identify a lesson plan(s) developed by them that employs one or more of the SAMR levels.
  • Students of participating teachers have developed a collaborative project using a variety of digital media.

Online Guide for Facilitators

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