2018 Leadership Academy Photo Gallery

Ann Kruze and Nancy Pic are proud of their effective check-in system.

Julie Gerges and Chris Norton anticipate Dr. George McKenna's visit.

Cesar Lopez and Lisa Richardson still have a smile at the end of a very long day.

Deep thinker Javier Bravo, converses with Shandrica Williams.

Toni Woods highlights a moment for her colleagues.

Rene Martinez shares a light moment at a break between activities.

Mark Lobaco and Louis Tapia bring together north and south.

San Bernardino City Unified School District takes a moment to gather. 

Principal McIntyre-Sciarrino focuses intently on Rich Helm's hypothesis.

Team Chemawa Middle School takes their work seriously.

Tracy Licon considers input from another participant.

Gretell Castro gives kudos to the presenters for parent training.

Kamisha McLean joins the equity conversation.

Principal Duran engages with the presenter.

Principal Imee Almazan adds her voice to the conversation.

Brian Patel adds a perspective from The Bayshore School.

Damian Dominguez has an important point to make.

Ruthmary Cradler interacts with LAUSD leadership.

Inglewood's Dr. Reginald Sirls shares with the leaders.

Assistant Principal Rowel Salvador shares the John Muir Middle point of view.

Gabriel Diaz shares Golden Valley's Action Plan.

Michelle Cleveland shares her experience from Serrano Middle School.

Steve Harwood shares a central office perspective.

Ashley Carlos gives her input to the discussion.

Gene Wong discusses personalized learning.

Left to right: Ann Kruze, Ken Shelton, Brian Patel

Barbara Richardson shares effective strategies from San Bernardino.

DeJean Jokesters add a little levity to the situation.

Team Fischer Middle lightens up the photo session.

Dr. Dorian Traub enchants the audience by recounting her work with families.

Raquel Martinez and Yumi Kawasaki

Left to right: Laura Mikasa, Marisela Islas

Left to right: Steven Quinlan, Marlene Bicondova, Keri Martinez

Left to right: Ann Kruze, Seth Hubbard, Kamisha McLean

Left to right: Paul Willis, Eric Chapman, Alejandra Gallegos, Ann Kruze

Team Golden Valley is a mix of district support, administrators, and teachers. 

Back row: Maddison Nolan, Scot Porter, Lynn McCown, Allan Marshall, Raul Ayala Front row: Ashley Carlos, Steve Harwood

Left to right: Raj Ali, Michelle Cleveland, Lisa Richardson, Cesar Lopez, Ezekiel Adeleke

Left to right: Shandrica Williams, Javier Bravo, Berenice Rios, Ezekiel Adeleke

Team Del Vallejo focuses on their program.

Left to right: Dylan Porter and Grisel Vasquez

You can't help but want to join leagues with Dr. Frances Gipson.

Terence Swarns shares a light moment with his colleagues.

Keri Martinez adds to the conversation.

Sonia Herrera tells all how it's done at Orchard Academies

Dr. LaRoyce Murphy contributes to the conversation.

Nicole Reyherme tells it like it is for high school principals.

You can always tell when Sunne McPeak enjoys a message.

Adam Bright emphasizes his point.

Hugo Palomera shares the Orchard Academies perspective.

Maddison Nolan contributes to the discussion.

ISTE's Dr. Joseph South recounts a personal story with digital transformation gone wrong.

Dr. Joseph South shares the ISTE Standards for Educators.

Left to right: Gabriel Duran, Christina Martinez Vera, Dr. Frances Gibson, Diana Amador, Maria Camarena

Left to right: Sunne Wright McPeak, Dr. Frances Gipson, Sophia Mendoza

Elizabeth Lester makes the point that teachers need a safe learning environment.

Pamela Stiles takes a question from an audience member.

Marisela Islas shares Stevenson's success with parent training.

Assistant Principal Yumi Kawasaki shares the secrets to success in parent training at Markham.

Christina Martinez Vera shares successes with parent training.

Geoff Belleau helped everyone understand school funding in California.

Participants benefit from the experiences of Micah Studer.

Geoff Belleau explains the three layers of school funding.

Matthew Llamas and Dylan Porter review the finer points of the day.

Agustin Urgiles opens the Academy after much anticipation.

Sophia Mendoza helps participants understand the LAUSD philosophy and implementation.

Sunne Wright McPeak leans in.

Principal Eric Chapman makes his point and drops the mic.

Francisco Canche enjoys his school and district leaders sharing their experience.

Rustum Jacob records his thoughts on Dr. Gipson's presentation.

Rich Helm presents Columbus Middle School's action plan.

Principal McIntyre-Sciarrino shares successes from Columbus.

Principal Duran gives examples of shared leadership.

John and Ruthmary Cradler have kept up with edtech trends through the decades.

Eric Chapman and Alejandra Gallegos discuss what they might implement in the Sacramento region.

Raquel Cinat gets a pic with LAUSD Board Member Dr. George McKenna.

Dr. George McKenna explains that good school outcomes should be regular events.

Sunne Wright McPeak rounds up participants for a pre-dinner social hour.

Michelle Schwartz articulates her dedication to the partnership with CETF.

Gretell Castro and Sylvia Torres relax after helping to host the day's workshops.

Yicel Paez explains how the School2Home partnership has helped her organization serve clients.

Michelle Schwartz and Susan Walters converse with Elaine Carpenter.

Left to right: Dr. Reginald Sirls, Tambera Thompson, Dr. LaRoyce Murphy, Ang Rush, Anabel Fregoso

Sunne Wright McPeak introduces Tom Torlakson.

Tom Torlakson appreciates his friendship with Sunne Wright McPeak through the years.

Tom Torlakson offers participants encouragement for doing the right work.

Mark Lobaco adds a little levity to his contribution.

Left to right: Micah Studer, Nicole Reyherme, Tom Torlakson

San Bernardino City Unified takes a moment to gather. 

Left to right: Diana Amador, Gabriel Duran, Tom Torlakson, Christina Martinez Vera, Maria Camarena

Left to right: , Elizabeth Lester, Tom Torlakson, Juan Romero, William Ochoa

Left to right: Tom Torlakson, Kamisha McLean

Left to right: Joele Hodgson, Ana Fernandez Alvarez, Althea Ford, Tom Torlakson, Rustum Jacob, Terence Swarns

Left to right: Marisela Islas, Tom Torlakson, Laura Mikasa

Left to right: Seth Hubbard, Monserrat Orozco, State Superintendent Tom Torlakson, Imee Almanzan, Crystal Madril

Ken Shelton emphasizes that sizeable changes with not be made without technology.

Techquity expert, Ken Shelton, relays an event from his teaching experience.

Ken Shelton does a time check-in.

Charlotte Hinrichs highlights the need to welcome all students.

Pamela Stiles makes sure her notes capture all the important points.

Ruth Farmer considers input from the panel of administrators.

Barbara Richardson unwinds with her group while Agustin Urgiles listens in.

Left to right: Seth Hubbard, Ken Shelton, Kamisha McLean

Principal Guerrero and techquity proponent, Ken Shelton, share a smile.

Left to right: Micah Studer, Ken Shelton, Nicole Reyherme

Left to right: Ken Shelton, Steve Harwood

Left to right: Ken Shelton, Ashley Carlos

Left to right: Ken Shelton, Raquel Cinat

Ken Shelton extends a warm welcome to Terence Swarns.

Left to right: Tina Collier, Ken Shelton, Adam Bright, Jason Lau

Raj Ali records the team work while Shandrica Williams and others contribute.

Gretell Castro and Elizabeth Lester share a moment of conversation.

Ana Fernandez Alvarez and Rustum Jacob make sure they capture specific points.

Left to right: Chris Norton, Ken Shelton, Maria Nuno, Tina Papazian

Left to right: Ken Shelton, Marisela Islas

Louis Tapia and Rich Helm compare aspects of their impact over the last year.

Riverside Board Vice President, Dr. Angelov Farooq, expresses a need for clear communication between board and community members.

Dr. Angelov Farooq recounts a funny moment on the Riverside Board of Education.

Seth Hubbard captures the excitement of the LAUSD district and school leaders.

Eric Chapman explains the principal's point of view.




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